EMMANUEL MACRON SAID. Brexit Renegotiation Deal Isn’t!


Emmanuel Macron said
E. Macron

The French President Emmanuel Macron said renegotiating deal isn’t on the table, this came prior to Mr. Macron’s meeting with Boris Johnson later today. Meanwhile, Boris Johnson had yesterday met with the German Chancellor ‘Angela Merkel’ in order to find a solution to the issue of the backstop which seems unlikely.

Responding to this development, the French President Emmanuel Macron insisted that reopening negotiations deal is “not an option”.

We have to help the British deal with this internal democratic crisis but we mustn’t be hostage to it nor export it”. Macron added.

Meanwhile, the British prime minister ‘Boris Johnson’ pointed at the backstop, aimed to prevent a hard border on the Northern Ireland once the UK leaves the EU – also to avoid a no-deal Brexit from the European Union. However, Mr. Johnson also added that something tangible could be achieved with “sufficient patience”.

The backstop would rather see Northern Ireland aligned to certain rules of the European Union single market on the basis of its implementation. While, in another dimension, the united kingdom would stay in a customs single territory with the EU – should their not be a trade agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom after Brexit – that will equally align the UK with current and future EU rules on competition and state aid.

Should there be a workable plan for the United Kingdom? ‘Angela Merkel’ said on Wednesday, the truth is for the UK to find a workable plan.

The EU has thrown the door open, adding that it will be willing to “improve” the political declaration, which is understood that sets out UK – EU future relationship, adding that the withdrawal deal that includes the backstop – negotiated by ‘Theresa May’ cannot be changed.

Based on this, Mrs. Merkel has insisted withdrawal agreement need not be reopened if a practical solution would be effected to the backstop. But that could be achieved within 30 days.

I think that if we approach this with sufficient patience and optimism we can get this done and it is in the final furlong generally when the horses change places and the winning deal appears”, Boris Johnson added.

Drifting from what Emmanuel Macron said about Brexit, ‘David Davis’ in Today programme said that he thought the odds on that outcome were now “50/50”, adding that it’s now “a high probability”.  It’s equally understood there will be turbulence and a certain level of bumpiness as regards cross-border traffic coupled with other things.

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