EPIC ACQUIRED RAD, Game Tools For Generation-Next!


Epic Acquired Rad

Lately, the U.S. game giant Epic acquired Rad Game Tools in a bid to properly position its platform for next-generation games. The subject merger (RAD) is a maker of game development tools for a good number of years, if one would figure out the colorful Bink Video logo that has been seen on many titles over the years, however, this does not take away the fact that they’re lacking behind.

Noting that, close integration with engines and platforms will potentially result in good standards, greatly admired and welcome by developers. The game giant has been snapping up components to fit into its Unreal engine that is aimed at positioning its platform as an all-encompassing development interface.

Responding to this development, the founder and CEO of Rad Game Tools ‘Jeff Roberts’ made it clear that “Our work with Epic goes back decades, and joining forces is a natural next step given our alignment on products, mission, and culture”, during a press briefing while noting advancements.

Despite issues emerging from App Store rule violation, the game giant proves to be poise. Epic acquiring Rad Game Tools will tell you why. However, the old-school Rad website in addition to its Bink, which is a video codec for games that focuses on high compression and fast rendering is also important for the gaming world. While they are a couple of development tools that are way beyond layman understanding, such as, Telemetry, Oodle, Granny 3D, and Miles Sound System, yet still boast of a good number of fans.

It’s also important to note that, both companies have been in the system for decades, while the creation of ‘Fortnite‘ by Epic Games made the company very popular, this goes to explain the terms under which the acquisition will be effected. Meanwhile, Epic in its announcement stated that:

“RAD will continue supporting their game industry, film, and television partners, with their sales and business development team maintaining and selling licenses for their products to companies across industries – including those that do not utilize Unreal engine”.

Its evident effort is made by Epic in making sure that it’s Unreal platform is most unified, and not just the most graphically enabled engine for development. Since game development cost and complexity continues to rise, the advantage of simplification becomes necessary, owing to the fact that Bink and other components will continue to be available for anyone to use outside Epic’s domain, which promises better integration with the Unreal ecosystem.

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