EUROPEAN ELECTIONS, 28 Countries Only. UK Attendance!


European elections

The European elections are approaching very fast, which is expected of twenty-eight (28) countries to participate at the polls so as to elect their MEPs. However, it is understood all United Kingdom’s attendance would have domestic political implications. The question here is, why will the United Kingdom hold elections with the rest of Europe when they voted to leave the union in 2016?

There are expectations of change that European Parliament elections will shape the direction of the European Union for the next five (5) years. The (European Elections) could also have implications on the whole of Europe, the United Kingdom inclusive, and also the agenda of the European Union moving forward.

Currently on the European elections as new poll by Pro-European Union campaign group, known as Best for Britain and Hope not Hate reportedly put ‘Nigel Farage’s party vote fourteen (14) per cent, in front of Labour with fifteen (15) percent and forty (40) percent in the West Midlands, while ‘Lib Dems’ is on thirteen (13) percent. However, the Conservatives moved back in fifth place on just ten (10) percent.

‘Nigel Farage’ while commenting on the recent poll told the Star he practically targeted the West Midlands in the lead up to Thursday’s poll, meanwhile, the region is reported to have posted the highest Leave votes in the country’s 2016 referendum.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ‘Hope not to Hate’, ‘Nick Lowles’ while responding to the results, said it was “alarming”, and “a big boost for the forces of division in this country” she added based on Brexit Party storming to victory.

Also “If these results are borne out, it will be a dark day.”

Elsewhere, the Brexit Party campaigner ‘Bill Etheridge’ said the poll was a true reflection of the strength of feeling of opposition to Government handling in respect of the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union.

He equally added, “It shows that people in the West Midlands are ready to stand up and be counted in the European elections” and also.

We are expecting some huge results, and this is only the start. The clamour for the Government of all will increase – and we are ready to head into a general election from a position of strength.”

According to analysts, the European Union is bureaucratic and governed by many rules, which uses three main languages (English, French, and German), and also interprets and translates all official meetings and documents into twenty-four (24) official languages. The Union is seen as a place where people from different countries gather to negotiate their way out of problems, and a place that genuinely motivates the desire to cooperate and improve the continent. With this, one could understand the essence of European elections to the entire continent.

  • What is your opinion on European elections prior to Brexit?

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