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Executive Committee
Anna Soubry

The Executive Committee and the Conservative Party Board decided today, on the order the Party’s (Conservative) leadership contest would proceed, it is understood the process has been agreed upon. Based on this development, under the new 1922 Committee rules coupled with reports of the situation on the ground, five candidates do not meet up with the qualification requirement but will be given until Monday.

As the clock continues to run down, the British Prime Minister ‘Theresa May’ is expected to step down on the date earlier announced being 7th June 2019, but after she steps down as the leader of the Unionist and Conservative Party, the process of electing a new leader should begin. While Theresa May will remain the acting leader of her Party until a successor is appointed.

Currently, they are rules and procedures curbed out by the 1922 Executive Committee that guarantees individual eligibility as a candidate among those to be nominated, and these rules are as follows:

  • The candidates call will be made at 5pm on Friday 7th June 2019, while nominations are to be received from 10am Monday 10th June 2019, and closes at 5pm on that same day.
  • The candidates are required to submit a nomination proposer, a seconder and six other Members of Parliament supporting their candidacy.
  • Ballots of MPs are to be held over the course of the following two weeks.
  • The elimination process will take effect after the first ballot if any candidate receives sixteen votes or less. That means no candidate is expected to score as mentioned, but higher.
  • After the second ballot, any candidates receiving thirty-two votes or less will be eliminated.
  • If the ballot thresholds are met by all candidates, then the candidate with the lowest number of votes would be eliminated.
  • This process (Balloting) will continue until it remains two (2) candidates.
  • The first ballot will take place on Thursday 13th June 2019, from 10am to 12pm. While subsequent ballots are scheduled for 18th June, 19th June, and 20th June respectively.

While those that will act as returning officers for the elections are Rt. Hon Dame Cheryl Gillan MP and Charles Walker OBE MP.

As soon as the Executive Committee is done with the parliamentary process, the CCHQ will immediately assume responsibility for the administration of hosting’s as well as the vote of the Conservative Party membership. Meanwhile, the first membership hosting is scheduled to hold on the 22nd of June 2019 and the stage is expected to be completed in that same week.

Elsewhere, reports have it that ‘Change UK’ lost six of its eleven MPs based on poor performance in last month’s European Union elections. But this isn’t based on the Executive Committee action.  

According to reports, ‘Change UK’ announced earlier that the party has elected ‘Anna Soubry’ as its new leader. The Party (Change UK) initially known as the Independent group was formed by MPs that left the Labour and Conservative Party earlier this year.

Current Party leader ‘Anna Soubry’ said she was “deeply disappointed” that Sarah Wollaston, Chuka Umunna, Heidi Allen, Angela Smith, Gavin Shuker, and Luciana Berger had left.

  • What do we expect from the Executive Committee as May prepares to leave?

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