FARMLAND SEIZURE. Politically Mastermind In South Africa!


Farmland seizure

A move of the United States President ‘Donald Trump’ over farmland seizure in South Africa back on August 22nd this year has been considered a ‘ray of hope’ for the oppressed.

It is understood the South African government is currently seizing land from white farmers as observed by United States President ‘Donald Trump’, this came after his close watch on Fox News, which he immediately reacted to, by instructing Secretary of State ‘Mike Pompeo’ to closely study the South Africa land, farm seizure, and expropriations coupled with large scale killing of farmers.

Farmland seizure

To understand all that has to do with land seizure and farmland killings, KwaZulu Natal, which is a rural settlement, have these reports.

According to a resident ‘Roland Henderson’ who walked into his stone farmhouse, pointed at pictures hanging on the wall saying;

“These are my ancestors on the wall. So, if I loaf about during the day, they are watching me”

Mr. Henderson’s family formally farmed in Besters for five years, a castle district of rolling grassland hills and acacia trees. Who eventually made reference to history considered complicated.

“History is complicated in South Africa,” one remarked to him. “Our forebears took land from people. If not always directly, it was certainly helped by the legislation of the previous government. What do you think of that part of your legacy?”

Responding to that, he said, “We can’t ignore that. I don’t think commercial farmers should atone for all the sins of apartheid that were committed.”

An old Shabalala man Wilson, after the pursuit of his landed property, which was eventually granted him, was surprised only to see the government official responsible for its transfer take the land for himself.

As at the time when Nelson Mandela and African National Congress assumed office in South Africa, in the year 1994, one issue of obvious concern that they were faced with, was the so-called land question. This is because the policy of pushing black South Africans off the land to the benefit of whites officially began with the 1913 Native Lands Act, which could be traced centuries back.

This act practically restricted black ownership to just seven percent (7%) of the entire land, while a vast majority of the viable land was allocated to whites. Based on this the South African government has decided to push the button.

Currently, South Africa is engaged in an intense debate over equitable land ownership and readdressing the past racist acts. The government is making move on taking private properties for public use without compensation in some cases.

South African government, however, hit back at Trump tweet, which officials called “unfortunate” and “divisive” and hauled at United States Embassy Charge’ d’Affaires for a dressing down.

Based on this, a British provocateur ‘Katie Hopkins’ that have gained substantial followers on social media responded on this issue, saying;

“There is no shortage of extreme voices in South Africa. Posts about white genocide and land grabs are everywhere on YouTube or Facebook.”

  • So what then is the way out of farmland seizure in South Africa?

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