Female-founded Audvice Closes €1.9M For Its Platform!


Female-founded Audvice
Image Credit: Audvice

Salzburg-based female-founded audvice which was launched in 2019 has reportedly closed its first VC financing round with Cusp Capital, TinyVC and CapitalT having secured €1.9 million. Audvice is pioneering corporate communication, however, co-investors of the current round of funding include CapitalT, TinyVC coupled with the founders of Austrian EdTech Unicorn GoStudent, Gregor Müller, and Felix Ohswald.

The subject is on a mission to offer effective communication via voice messaging, which function with the aid of Audvice’s software, this enables every employee in a company – from the CEO to trainee – to easily record voice messages, have them structured in playlists and share them with colleagues, partners, or customers.

Audio communication is currently booming. According to analysts, it is believed that more than 85% of the population consumes up to three hours of audio content on daily basis. To this end, it’s also worth noting that the rising trend of the audio boom was further fuelled by the pandemic and is understood to have grown exponentially amongst millennials and GenZ, sources have confirmed.

Looking at audio from a communication angle, it will be fair to note that speaking is practically the oldest form of communication, and is proven to be the most efficient way to explain, persuade and converse. Clearly, voice conveys more authenticity in conversations – listening to someone’s tone of voice is incredibly important in having effective communication.

Furthermore, as audio is booming more significantly in social spheres – think WhatsApp voice notes, the growth of podcasts, and more – is known to be playing a fledgling role in the business space.  

Looking at the current global concern – the pandemic which led to the rise of remote and hybrid-based working, have made it more important for companies to figure out corporate communication formats that can convey context and emotion to avoid misunderstandings while strengthening bonds with employees – a potential that voice offers, which companies have hardly used so far. At this juncture is where the female-founded audvice comes in.

Audvice founder ‘Sophie Blazer’ said: “audvice gives voice messages a structure to share information easily and effectively across organizations. Speaking is the oldest form of human communication. Especially in times of flexible working, companies need to create and maintain proximity – to their employees, partners, or customers. Audi has great potential to achieve this, which companies have yet to exploit”.

As as an audio platform structured for companies, it also enables enormous efficiency gains. Bearing in mind that playlists are used to present extensive information in easily digestive portions and structured manner. More significant is the fact that each playlist can be edited, added to, or recompiled easily with new voice messages. While, in the meantime, the startup’s product is inherently diverse, which could be used by companies in a range of ways – from internal briefings to sales training, from onboarding new employees to advertising job opening via audio. Equally, the platform allows the integration of existing playlists to be integrated into other platforms and systems.

Nonetheless, the subject product is being used by companies like ADAC and Red Bull, while to ensure the existence of enhanced service delivery is in place, it plans to relaunch as a self-service solution in 2022.

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