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Fertility tracker

The invention of the fertility tracker has had a positive impact on female lives, precisely adults that are married. This electronic device is designed as biomedical device, aimed to notify women of their fertility period. The device (fertility tracker) consists of its hardware and software, which is the program application (Apps).

It’s important we have a better understanding of how this biomedical device works. First is the device tube where one is required to deposit her urine, while the tracking device would require its tube with urine inserted and thirdly, the program application enables the individual track or view its result through a smartphone. Meanwhile, let’s reflect on the female menstrual cycle in relation to the fertility tracking device.

Medically it is understood getting pregnant is all about timing, and your menstrual cycle would obviously give you a clue about when your body system is in the process of fertilization. Based on this, the female responsible will want to make sure the conditions are right for the fertilization process of the egg and sperm cell. However, from a medical point of view, first is to understand when you as an adult (female) is most fertile. To run this calculation is pretty simple, and this is because most women have twenty-eight (28) days menstrual cycle, with this, it means the woman has about six (6) days each month she prefers appropriate and possibly for pregnancy, which includes the day her ovaries releases an egg.

The woman will need to have a chart of her menstrual cycle, possibly figure out its duration. once the woman has obtained an average figure, the first day she is likely to get pregnant is gotten by subtracting eighteen (18) days from the length of her shortest cycle, while subtracting eleven (11) days from the length of her longest cycle would give her a clue on the last day she is likely to be fertile. This means intercourse between these dates provides you the best time of getting pregnant.

Fertility tracker, in this case, helps to track the best period with the aid of your urine. This is because most women might not know how to run this calculation, while on the other hand, some might be very busy that they forget, even when the knowledge is there.

The device (fertility tracker) with its Apps (application program) helps women plan for their future. Either time to get pregnant or avoid pregnancy. The application of fertility tracker on individuals smartphone keeps you on top of your family planning by keeping track of the woman’s fertility. The applications program notifies the woman of any changes with her ovulation period. However, your doctor remains your reliable source of medical advice or result.

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