FESTICKET PLATFORM, Launches ‘Pay With Friends’!


Festicket Platform

Festicket platform designed for festival booking – headquartered in the United Kingdom is currently launching its newly developed feature that will potentially enable users to make payments of festival tickets as a group.

Should your spouse or friend be interested in sharing some festival experience! He will make the full payment. However, this has been described as a way of removing the pain of lead booking and in the process, will enable booking as “Pay with Friends”.

While accessing ‘festicket platform’, it’s important you understand as a lead booker, that deposit charge would be required in order to reserve the booking which is non-refundable. This is a small charge and will apply if it didn’t happen as intended. The “Pay with Friends” is designed to allow a single user reserve tickets for the entire group while only having to make part of the payment up-front. Also, before the booking is confirmed, other member of the group is given 48 hours to make their individual payments.

Responding to this, Festicket said: “Pay with Friends aims to reduce pressure on the lead booker by sharing the payment immediately with the rest of the group through a simple, fast and easy-to-use solution”.

It also claimed the idea is to avoid circumstances that doubtless individuals have found themselves, precisely when trying to arrange a group vacation or event, and not excluding festivals. A development that will practically lessen booking pressure, and see the lead booker organize, book and pay for the trip.

“Pay with Friends” feature emerged based on the popularity of group booking on ‘Festicket’, however, based on the company’s statistics, 60% of festival-goers attend such events as a group of more than three, and 20% more than six.

Also, the co-founder and CPO of Festicket ‘Jonathan Younes’ stated that: “It’s great to be able to offer our fans the option to ‘Pay with Friends’ finally. We have created a fair solution that guarantees fans won’t be left out of pocket just because they are the organized one out of their friends! We will continue to add features like this to the Festicket product to make sure all our customers have the best possible booking experience”.

The recent development with regards to the new feature on Festicket platform is based on festival popularity that has become an alternative to group holidays. Which has also been figured out – international festival travel for the past five years has increased by 400%. 

  • What’s your take on Festicket platform – ‘Pay with Friends’?