Figma launches auto layout

The design tool maker Figma launched auto layout as its new feature, this was announced days ago – aimed at removing some of the very hard formatting processes out of the design process. Meanwhile, prior to this development, it’s understood Figma had previously raised about $83 million from investors like Sequoia, Index Ventures, Kleiner Parkins, and not excluding Greylock according to reports.

It’s been figured out also that designers are familiar with the problem of manual implementation of content dimension in new components. For instance, when a developer or designer develops a new button for a web page, the text within this button is expected to be manually shaped to fit within the button. But, if the size of the created button, or the deployed text changes, it will require the adjustment of everything in a cordial way.

Before jumping into the worst scenario of content sizing, let’s look at ‘auto layout’ function as a toggle. It has been observed, when it is on, Figma in a bid to make sure that contents are centered within the components, automatically implement all the necessary adjustments for the designer, and will allow individual component adjust to fit in any new content that might be deployed.

Based on the subject new development (Figma launched Auto Layout), re-sizing an item within a frame or any changes would see the content around it undergo dynamic adjustment, simultaneously with it. But in the worst scenario, the problem with certain components is adjusted manually.

The new launch ‘auto layout’ feature allows users to effect changes in the orientation of list of items from vertical to horizontal and back to its original state, while the process of adjusting individual sizing of a component inside a list or restructuring list of components is done with a single click.

Meanwhile, according to Figma CEO ‘Dylan Field’, who said in her address that there was a great demand of this specific feature from customers, and expects that this feature will allow design teams to move in a faster pace when it has to do with user testing and iterative design.

Current feature emerging from the tools functions within the component system which allows designers to tap from the source without detaching the content or symbol from it, and this implies, changes effected practically flow through all sections of their designs.

In another dimension, a publication was made by Figma which is aimed at the introduction of the company’s first independent board member. Based on this, ‘Field’ in her response said:

I have never brought on an investor that I haven’t heavily reference checked, both with companies that have had success and those who don’t. A good board can really help accelerate the company, but a challenging board can make it tough for companies to keep moving”.  

  • What is your take as Figma launched auto layout?