FitBit INTRODUCES, Versa 3 & Launched The ‘Sense’!


FitBit Introduces
Image Credit: FitBit

Indeed a great move as FitBit introduces its two biggest lines with upgrades while pulling a surprise with a direct Apple and Samsung competitor known as the Sense. The Sense which is understood to be, a new and more premium smartwatch is no other but the company’s biggest news.

First to note is the company’s popular low-cost smartwatch – the Versa, while the update in this line that is somehow taking a back seat to the launch of the higher-end smart-wear seems a follow-up. Although, price discrepancy meant the Versa lacks key features such as the ECH and EDA detection, while the GPS feature wouldn’t be lacking.

The design of the Versa 3 practically puts it in the line with the newly launched – the Sense. However, the watch features built-in Alexa and Google Assistant which also include the ability to answer calls. Also, an in-depth step taking on fitness tracking sees the updated lines feature Active Zone Minutes, on top of that, the Versa 3 promises an improved battery life of a six days plus on a single charge. While the lnspire 2 is offering a ten days battery life, known as the longest of any FitBit product.

According to FitBit on the Inspire 2 which comes with a more streamlined designed and a brighter screen, it says the watch can do a whole bunch of different tracking: “20+ goal-based exercise modes, advanced sleep tools, 24/7 heart rate tracking, menstrual health tracking, and see your food and hydration intake, coupled with your weight, all with daily encouragement right on your wrist”.

All FitBit introduced promises one free year of FitBit premium. But before we dive into the company’s latest, bear in mind that the Versa 3 and Inspire 2 are available for pre-order at $230 and $100 respectively, you can’t access the Versa 3 and Inspire 2 if you’re outside the U.S. until later this month. Meanwhile, let’s focus on the big news.


Prior to the launch of this iconic wearable, it’s been noted the Versa being a solid and low-cost Android-compatible watch did help the company catch up with other wearable brands. Also, FitBit will certainly admit it’s pretty late in this direction, while at the same time, taking a swing at the premium end of the market is also a great move.

It’s also understood, the Sense isn’t designed to replace the Versa line, howbeit, a premium alternative to the Versa line. According to FitBit, the Sense is the “company’s most advanced health smartwatch”. This device comes with new features such as ECG and skin temperature detection, noting that FitBit focuses more on stress detection. While a year proven to be the most stressful year for many people has seen a good number of wearable and app developers work towards stress reduction with the aid of technology.

While the device ECG detection awaits the FDA approval, there is also a new concept included in this device and that is an electrodermal activity (EDA) sensor. This feature can be used when a wearer places his or her palm over the watch face. Which, in turn, scan for electric charges in skin sweat, which in all, the stress levels are measured by a combination of 10 biometric inputs that include heart rate, sleep quality, and exercise level. At the moment I can’t ascertain how effective these measurements are but a quote from UCSF Assistant Professor Dr. ‘Helen Weng’ could, “Meditation is an exercise for your mind. Just like physical exercise, you need a consistent practice to cultivate your mental capacity for it. Finding a meditation practice that works for you is important for building long-term health and wellness benefits. FitBit can help you achieve this through its mindfulness and measurement tools, including the new Stress Management Score and EDA Scan app, so that you can see your progress and build a personalized meditation practice that is impactful and sustainable”.

What is your take on FitBit introduces the Sense and Versa 3?