FITBIT VERSA 2 SMARTWATCH, Enhanced Battery & Alexa!


Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch

The Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatch is the company’s wearable that delivered its promise from its successor, understood as the company’s second smartwatch. Features such as ‘Vector’ and ‘Pebble’ did truly set the wearable on a page that would practically enable it to compete favorably with the likes of Apple’s. Versa 2 is seen as a road of recovery from its Iconic Versa while pushing Fitbit a step forward in the field of smart wearable.

The first Versa with its price tag did not justify the absence of numerous key features, while on the other hand, considering its price could be considered the best option for a low-cost Apple competitor that is Android enabled. After several months, the first Versa made its return with a new name ‘Versa 2’, while the initial Versa had a 200 dollar price tag on it.

One fascinating feature associated with ‘Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatch’ is the in-built microphone, a feature seen as its first in any of its wearable device. But does not mean Versa 1 owners should do away with the old version or upgrade to Versa 2. The hardware which enables the functionality of the microphone was introduced precisely with the aim of effecting Alexa to the wearable and is accessed by pressing a button which explores a wide range of features, ranging from weather to smart home control.

Another great feature to be analyzed is the watch’s sleep features before we talk about the improvement made so far in the area of the watch battery capacity. The ‘Sleep Score’ is practically efficient and has delivered greatly, providing details on how an individual period of sleep went. Unfolding vital factors that have to do with one’s health, such as restlessness, time awake, sleep stages and heart bit rate.

Should there be any reason to monitor your sleep! Versa 2 sleep features would certainly be of help. However, Fitbit is offering a new Premium subscription service in order to render higher and detailed quality service in the area of its sleep features. While on the same note, it’s ‘Smart Wake’ edition will be available for all Fitbit smartwatches – on the basis of a sleep cycle, users will be woken up within 30-minute.

In another dimension, the company has been able to improve Versa 2’s battery life, just as the company claimed: “we’re still trying to maintain a low power profile”. Based on this, a new feature – ‘always-on watch face display enabled’ does not change the fact that the watch could still get several days of sustainable battery life. However, the company claimed Versa 2 can get ‘5 days plus’.

Lastly, one could access Fitbit’s global transit systems, ranging from New York, London, Vancouver, and Taiwan. Indeed a good number of them, with all versions of Fitbit’s watch featuring in-built Fitbit Pay. And the price of Versa is 200 dollars, also is the premium version at 230 dollars which comes with 90-days access to Fitbit Premium coupled with a special strap.

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