FITBIT WATCH, Next Generation Support Leaks!


Fitbit Watch

Fitbit Watch is an affordable and simple device that could serve as an alternative for Apple wearable, the company initially came up with ‘Iconic’ and then its ‘Versa’. Though the Versa emerged a year after the Iconic, the Versa was considered as actually what the company needed to break into the spot of the wearable field.

The Versa specification (Fitbit watch) from a source would provide an upgrade of the device hardware compared with the 2018 design, giving it an Apple Watch appearance with ‘squircle’ design, and also its screen being updated from an LCD to AMOLED. Wearables are key devices and applications for voice interactions, which the biggest news from this device is based on – its smart assistance support.

If the company should be considered as an average wearable maker, however, with Google and Siri assistance, it needs to partner with top eCommerce companies like Amazon. However, the challenge here is the resource it has injected into acquisitions, aimed at developing the Iconic and Versa.

It is understood the company has a vital huddle to overcome before it could pose any challenge to the likes of Apple Watches. Fitbit Watch is still regarded as a smartwatch, but a starter for the company could have been the Versa.

The company has been working tooth and nail on the area of its hardware, in a bid to own its hardware and also have its trademark on it. But the company’s Pebble is practically one of its unique product, with an outstanding design, proven to stand the test of time from one year to another. However, a view on the hardware meant Versa could have made the 2018 Pebble.

Meanwhile, Fitbit Company pulled a surprise with the shape of the case design, it named after a legitimate geometric term known ‘Squircle’. Though the products have been compared with Apple Watch, which is thin and light when compared with that of Apple.

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