FORCEFUL SEXUAL ACT, A Terrible Habit Snapping Lives!


Forceful Sexual Act

Over the years our immediate society has not been spared from forceful sexual act(s) due to vacuums that cut across ill-fated societal policies, insecurity, and not to exclude lack of parental care. Yet the subject act has remained a huge concern owing to the fact that the affected victims are almost in all cases – the opposite sex classified as the weaker cells. While in a terrible situation, victims lose their lives.

In view of the above subject, it’s also a known fact as it has been figured out that victims of rape are often left with psychological issues. Yet, it appears the will to structure a counter-effort towards a process that has already gained momentum continues to witness poor legal actions despite being one of the root causes why persons (often youths) are thrown into jails on a regular basis.

Going forward, not only has the subject act been viewed as a serious societal issue but has emerged as a huge concern due to its frequent rate of occurrence. However, there are questions regarding measures that could be deployed to curb this scourge. As it occurs in diverse dimensions, noting that a good number of rapists are not just sexually active individuals but are persons that couldn’t be classified other than drug addicts. Hence, in a bid to keep a bad situation from getting worse, authorities have been urged to step up to this challenge.

Meanwhile, a number of factors could also be traced as a root cause of this, such as a bad company which ensures that the subject act is deeply rooted among such peers. Yet the core area and the potential source of this God-forsaken offense has been traced to parental negligence, and this is because the pace at which people got involved in this (forceful sexual act) can’t be viewed as the case of rocket science, rather, a gradual cultivated habit.

Sadly enough, ‘forceful sexual acts’ as the case may be has not in any way helped victims’ of such sexual assault precisely their psychological wellbeing. According to studies, psychiatric experts have figured out that the minds of a raped victim often recall the incident, and as this is repeated frequently in their minds, and in the process, a similar traumatic experience is also felt at a glimpse, this equally leaves these victims with series of calculus. However, as this continues to linger on their minds and brains, depending on its complexity, though an act that is often carried out against a minor or a weaker cell, issues could remain really unclear.

I just want to sleep. A coma would be nice. Or amnesia. Anything, just to get rid of this, these thoughts, whispers in my mind. Did he rape my head, too?” Credit ― Laurie Halse Anderson

As forceful sexual act continues and remains a heinous crime which ensures offenders have their fair share behind bars, it’s also good to bear in mind that a number of these victims often find it very difficult to move on with life due to the injury of mind they’re left with. Hence, one could argue – if additional punishment should be merged with the already existing ones! With that said, let’s have our usual menu.


The subject offender actually committed the terrible act, this time, forcefully against a minor aged 13. The victim could have escaped being raped by this offender if she wasn’t left alone at home. Prior to the act, it was reported that Eteh had threatened her, adding that the victim must not let anyone know about it, should someone get to know about it! It will mean a terrible outcome. Fortunately, a neighbor got into the residence where the offender was apprehended just after the rescuer had raised the alarm.

But prior to this crime, the subject offender – Eteh was a full-grown man, in his mid-fifties, and also self-employed. That said, at the moment, he is currently awaiting trial and if charged by the law court, he will be liable to face 12 months in jail.

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