FRIDAY BEFORE, U.S. Election, Who Leads The Polls!


Friday before

Party nominees’ make their push on last Friday before elections while reports emerging from Florida indicates that the states elections and law enforcement officials have detected a scheme that sought to enroll dozens of dead people as eligible voters in Broward County, however, the intent of this move is still not clear, the county elections office claim.

CNN learned that the county did receive about 50 voter registration applications which were forwarded in envelopes from South Carolina, Columbia, with no return address as figured out from the documents.

Based on reports, a good number of them named on the applications – who were listed as Democrats – were verified to be deceased, Broward County elections spokesperson ‘Steven Vancore’ said, and no votes were cast under their names. Further on this, Vancore also made it clear that Florida allows people to register to vote by mail but clarified that the county receives state data about people who have died and note these persons in its files as ineligible to vote.

Adding that, a valid government ID is required by the state to actually show up and vote and confirmed that the scheme “only got half the equation” required to vote. And with a couple of questions on the mind, Vancore added, “Somebody went to great pains to exploit the system and it was caught. We don’t know if this person did this for pure chicanery or they were trying to alter the outcome of the election… but there appears to be no attempt that this person voted”.

Meanwhile, it was noted that the South Florida Sun-Sentinel was first to report the application. And before this day (Friday before U.S. elections), an assistant state attorney ‘Timothy Donnelly’ had written to ‘Broward’s elections supervisor ‘Peter Antonacci’ back in August that he had launched an investigation into the applications and that there were “several potential criminal violations”. While on October 22, a different employee of the state attorney’s office wrote in an email to Antonacci, with regards to the applications that,

“Due to the fact that they were mailed from out of state with no return address, I’m unable to identify the person who submitted these applications”.

Trump is reportedly in Wisconsin for his second rally of the day

While the crowd awaits Trump’s speech, it was observed that a good number of people at the rally are without a mask, while others are wearing their masks. As noted, most accused Biden of wanting to raise taxes, “destroy the suburbs” and as well, defund the police.

Joe Biden to lowan voters: “In these final days, stay empowered, stay united, stay optimistic”

According to reports, Democratic presidential nominee ‘Joe Biden’ returned to Lowa Friday afternoon, a state he last left in February.

After he was introduced by the Democratic Senate candidate ‘Theresa Greenfield’, he went on to deliver his standard stump speech, while in a bid to flip the Senate blue, Biden devoted a significant portion of his remarks to Theresa’s race as he campaign not just to beat Trump.

The Democrat nominee did troll Republican Sen. ‘Joni Ernst’ after the moment in the Lowa Senate debate where she was unable to name the break-even price of soybeans. “And as we saw in a debate where a farmer’s daughter knows a breakeven point for the price of corn – crops. You’d think that’d be fairly basic. Biden said, adding that, “That’s like my not knowing where the Delaware River was back home”.

Further on this, he encouraged them to vote but concentrated more of his speech on the pandemic while making his impact local. “The Lowa State fair was canceled for the first time since World War II, he said. “And Donald Trump has given up”.

He equally slammed the President for bragging that he didn’t pay his fair share of taxes, claiming it was “because I’m smarter, I know how to game the system”, Biden noted: “Well he ain’t gonna be gaming the system anymore in a Biden administration. They’re gonna start paying”.

Lastly, Biden ended his speech with encouragement, “So in these final days, stay empowered, stay united, stay optimistic. Make a plan to vote, vote early. Vote on Election Day. Help get out the vote”.

Since today marks last Friday before election, what should we expect?