G 5 FOSSIL WATCH, Stands To Compete With Samsung’s G!


G 5 Fossil watch

The G 5 Fossil Watch unveiled recently stands to compete with Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Apple Watch Series 4, and it’s also not a surprise with Google injection of $40 million dollars early this year, a proof to show how hard Google has been working in order to compete in the wearable field. The partnership with other companies did helped greatly.

At this point, the announcement of G 5 Fossil W. comes with great news, features from the company, Google and Qualcomm powering the wearable device. This offers an updated design, smart battery modes, new speaker functionality, and duo storage capacity. The design of this watch comes in six colors, little masculine and more of feminine.

The OS of the new ‘G 5 Fossil Watch’ could be viewed as the most advanced Wear OS for Smartwatch at the moment, unveiled with the latest generation Qualcomm and Snapdragon Wear 3100 chip coupled with new arrivals from Google’s wearable OS, however, proves lots of achievement.

In as much as Fossil has released its ‘G 5 Fossil W.’, Apple, on the other hand, continues to dominate in the field of wearable (smartwatch), and all this have been a push, while the likes of Garmin and Samsung are said to be remaining in this field, though Fitbit had of late stepped up interestingly in its features and design.

The Watch OS new Tiles enable easy access to information with a new swim-proof speaker that allows users to hear back response, audible alerts and take calls. But those are not the mindblowing features with the latest ‘G 5 Fossil Watch’, Google Assistance is practically an addition, and most importantly is the health aspect of it, also found in Fitbit and Apple watch, and that of Fossil is a digital cardiogram on its new watch, with the ability to monitor different conditions like temporary cessation of breathing and diabetes.

Lastly is about the case of the watch, which measures 44mm with a wide range of strap – Price start at $295 dollars.

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