GALAXY WATCH ACTIVE 2, Steals Two Of Apple’s Feature!


Galaxy Watch Active 2

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, according to reports stole two (2) features from Apple Watch, which is regarded as the most popular feature that distinguishes Apple from other competitors. The rumor surrounding the Samsung Smartwatch came with its initial development name (Samsung Galaxy Watch 2).

These features which are said to be stolen by Samsung include fall detection and ECG, predominantly found in Apple smartwatch. These leaks from Galaxy Watch Active 2 are health-related features that are completely new to Samsung.

The Galaxy Watch is built with an application that will potentially record the wearer’s body temperature, and in turn notify them of issues that require attention, which could be shared by a physician with a possible help of diagnosis to determine the person’s health condition. A reveal from SamMobile on Galaxy Watch Active 2 states, that it will feature an ECG application that will allow users to take an electrocardiogram without specialist equipment, speaking of hospital best practices.

The life-saving technology to be experienced by Samsung customers was only used by Apple users, precisely the Apple Watch Series 4 that has been rated highly for a while, while some persons thought it was a shame that other tech giants could not develop in this direction, except Apple. It will certainly be welcome news for Android users if Samsung eventually unfolds similar functionality on its Galaxy active ‘2’ watch. Based on this, it will be required of Samsung to obtain FDA clearance for these features, otherwise, the ECG App could be missing at launch.

Still a new development from Samsung, the company in another dimension ‘borrowed’ Fall Detection, which is also found in the Apple watch. This enables the smartwatch to detect a fall, and in the process, notify the user through its alert on its screen display, coupled with vibration, though this could be dismissed, alternatively, choose to contact emergency services.

Meanwhile, if the active ‘2’ watch fails to get a response it will automatically contact emergency services coupled with a message to the user’s emergency contacts, we should be informed that this smartwatch will be available in two dimensions, 40mm, and 44mm respectively, with a cellular connection.

Until now, we don’t know when this smartwatch will be announced, most likely when Samsung will launch its yearly release.

  • Why not wait for Galaxy Active 2, or what is your take?