Gingo Partners Raises €350k To Help Founders With Fundraising


Gingo Partners Raises

A London-based Investor Outreach Service and Startup Community have made public the successful completion of its fundraising campaign. However, the announcement comes as Gingo Partners raises €350k in capital from a group of business angels.

Founded in 2023, the company has rapidly gained recognition for its dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions that bridge the gap between developed markets angels, family offices, VCs, and global talent from the Middle East, CIS, Africa, and Asia. With an outstanding team of female immigrant entrepreneurs, the startup is committed to positively impacting the venture capital and innovation industry.  

While early-stage funding could prove challenging for founders in emerging markets, the need to access untapped opportunities becomes significant. Because of this, the subject startup made clear it will use the investment to accelerate its vision of bringing inclusivity and diversity in venture capital in order to capitalize on untapped opportunities within the early-stage investment in emerging markets. The London-based startup is focused on driving the community, expanding market reach coupled with enhancing its product offering as it doubles down to meet the evolving needs of investors and startups.

‘Maria Ivanova’ Founder and CEO of Gingo Partners, commented: “Our focus lies on crafting a product that centers around the needs of founders. In an industry largely shaped by investors, it’s notable that the majority of fundraising solutions available have been designed by venture capitalists, for venture capitalists. Despite the digital age, personal networks continue to play a pivotal role in fundraising efforts. This poses a challenge for exceptionally talented founders from emerging markets, who often face hurdles in financing groundbreaking startups. We are building an affordable set of tools to help teams like ours to find resources for their ventures”.

As for the freshly raised funds, they will be strategically allocated to several key areas that include launching its investment to support the best teams with their first investment; Gingo Partners’ expansion into new markets and territories is aimed at providing startups with the most essential fundraising tips in regions like the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

Equally, the startup’s mission is to bring diversity and inclusion in venture capital by providing talented founders from emerging markets tools for fundraising. Supporting them with investor relations strategy tips, fundraising frameworks, and investments.

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