GOOGLE CLOUD SERVICE, Soon Be Accessible In Warsaw!


Google Cloud Service

The internet and tech giant ‘Google’ announced its Google Cloud service will soon be available to its customers in Central and Eastern Europe, this will see the new cloud positioned in the region of Warsaw, Poland. This was figured out as the company’s move in expanding its data centers.

A move to prove its $3.3 billion spendings on data center presence in Europe recently announced, based on its two years investment projection. The launch of Cloud service in Warsaw will potentially feature its standard core Google Cloud, and these include App Engine, Google Kubernetes, Compute Engine, Cloud Bigtable, Cloud Spanner and BigQuery. However, the company Cloud service is currently functional in twenty different regions and zones.

Considering this field (Cloud service), it is understood Google is behind AWS and Microsoft Azure in service offerings coupled with earnings. This has been viewed as Google running into cloud war, which the head of Google’s Cloud ‘Thomas Kurian’ confirmed that other cloud service providers believe no one is using Google which isn’t the case.

Should there be a proof? It claimed Google is catching up. There is also a strong augment that customers would practically want the flexibility of moving to the cloud in their own way, and that has been Microsoft’s focus before Google emerged.

Responding to the latest development, ‘Thomas Kurian’ the CEO of Google Cloud service stated, “Poland is in a period of rapid growth, is accelerating its digital transformation, and has become an international software engineering hub. And added that,

The strategic partnership with DCP and the new Google Cloud region in Warsaw align with our commitment to boost Poland’s digital economy and will make it easier for Polish companies to build highly available, meaningful applications for their customers”.

Also, it’s evident, Google will practically partner with Domestic Cloud Provider, a joint venture of the Polish Development Fund and PKO Bank Polski. And in turn, the Domestic Cloud Provider will become G. Cloud service reseller in Poland, and this means they will build managed services on Google’s infrastructure.

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