GOOGLE CLOUD, Sets-up Spinnaker Continuous Delivery!


Google Cloud

Google Cloud just announced a new method that makes it very easy to install and run the Spinnaker continuous delivery service on the G. cloud platform. A continuous delivery platform created by Netflix and currently is jointly developed by Google and Netflix.

It’s understood Netflix open-source service has been around since 2015, and ever since it became an open-source continuous delivery for most enterprises, and at the moment is used by big companies such as Samsung, Cisco, Box, Daimler, Adobe and the host others, deployed by these companies to speed up their development process.

G. Cloud platform for Spinnaker runs on Google Kubernetes Engine, but the good news on this is that Google has enhanced the installation process, with few clicks the process is complete. Meanwhile, once the App is up and running, the install Spinnaker will potentially prove its core tools, Deck, and the user interface for the service, while on the other hand, users are meant to pay for the services used by Google Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Memorystore for Redis, Google Cloud Load Balancing coupled with other services they use in the Google cloud.

Reports from the Tech lead for Google Spinnaker effort ‘Matt Duftler’ on behalf of the team said, “We want to make sure that the solution is great both for developers and DevOps or SRE teams”. In the same manner, he also added that “Developers want to get moving fast with the minimum of overhead. Platform teams can allow them to do that safely by encoding their recommendation practice into Spinnaker, with the aid of Spinnaker for GCP to get up and running quickly and start onboard development teams”

Another recent development from Google indicates the company recently launched a service known as continuous integration service, a feature that has the capacity to support automatic backups and integrated auditing, and also monitoring with Google Stackdriver, while on the other hand integrate with Cloud Build. In the process, the company did partial configuration with Spinnaker for the purpose of testing and deploying codes on Google Kubernetes Engine, Application Engine and Compute Engine, and could also work with other public.

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