GOOGLE KIDS SPACE, Launches On Android Tablets!


Google Kids Space

The search and Android giant reportedly launched Google Kids Space. This comes since streaming services have built-in kids’ profile, the need for parental control on features and content is equally necessary. In a bid to answer to parents’ demand for a better way by which their children could interact with technology sees a dedicated kid mode on Android tables which include books, apps, and videos structured for their entertainment and learning. A feature first launched on newly unveiled Lenovo Smart Tab M10 HD Gen 2, which Google equally plans to bring to more devices in the future.

The whole idea isn’t just about building tablets for kids, rather, Google’s effort that focuses on designing a more controlled and safer Android experience for families with children. But prior to this development, it’s understood there are a good number of tablets out there that offer contents specifically for children, for example, Amazon’s Fire HD Kids Edition line, which in addition does not exclude series of third-party parental control apps that families can download.

Lenovo’s move in this direction is simply distinct, in that the company’s latest device for Kid Space is unique in the tablet market. Knowing that tablets usually function as shared devices among family members, it’s therefore marketing the Tab M10 HD Gen 2 as a product that can be shared by families. And to differentiate this device The Verge learned the company made it clear that it “didn’t want a kids’ tablet that looked like a toy”. Based on this, users are expected to create their own separate profiles and settings – allowing children to use Kids Space while parents browse as usual.

Google Kids Space promises games, apps, books, and a video library. The Android giant also claimed it worked with children and parents to curate the content “through the lens of child development”, and also worked with publishers to make popular children’s books free of charge in Kids Space, which at the point of launch offered more than 400 free books in the “Read” tab for U.S. users.

The latest (Kids Space) didn’t just emerge but a follow-up to Google’s Family Link which is a parental control app for all Android devices. An app that allows parents to create and monitor Google accounts for their children. Parents can set regulations on screen time, remotely lock their devices, select what apps their kid can use while keeping tabs on their activity. Based on this, parents will be able to deploy Family Link controls to manage while managing their children’s use of Kids Space. In addition to the former, The Verge equally learned “parents can extend the experience and customize it even more for themselves”, noting Google does not use any data from children’s accounts as a way of targeting ads (which Lenovo isn’t collecting as well).

“Join us in our journey as we continue to create productive and healthy experiences for kids that adapt to the evolving world and needs for your family”, the search and Android giant had urged in a press release.

Lastly, on this colorful and rich interface, kids can easily navigate and sort content by topic – cooking, animals, princesses, vehicles, homework help and more. While in addition to the home screen, they can swap between tabs labeled “Make”, “Play”, “Read”, and “Watch”. Create an avatar for themselves coupled with character customization.

What is your take on Google Kids Space on tablet devices?