GOOGLE LAUNCHED, For Apps Developers!


Google Launched

The search and Android giant Google launched, a newly structured site that is designed to help developers with an easy way of building Android apps precisely for the company’s Linux-based operating system, and with the latest update, the search and Android giant have made it clear it’s making it easier to build and test Android apps on Chromebooks devices.

One may ask, why Chromebooks for the new! Google had noted in its announcement that the unit sale of Chromebook sales was consistently up 127% every year in the last quarter, compared to 40% general sales for Notebook. According to reports, the new site which is at the moment accessible in two languages, Spanish and English, is designed to “help developers maximize their capabilities on the platform through technical resources or tutorials, code samples, product announcement and more”.

The Android giant moving in this direction (Google launching is also in view to help developers do all that should be done on a Chromebook that would be desired, and to ascertain that, Google has moved to offer the full Android Emulator on Chrome OS that will allow testing of apps directly on their Chromebooks. And with this, it has shaped the process for developers to deploy and test apps directly without the use of the alternative method that would require the use of developer mode or connect devices with the aid of USB. Noting that the team has also made deploying apps on Chrome OS (specifically M81 and newer) much easier than it was.

Sequel to the updates, Android Studio is equally getting a minor update with a new Primary/Detail Activity Template which properly supports building apps for large-screen devices such as Chromebook, tablets and not excluding foldable’s (deployable on Microsoft’s Surface Duo)

While in addition to Android updates, the search and Android giant in the same vein launched a minor and necessary update to the Linux beta which focuses on the terminal. This will see Linux on Chrome OS feature an improved terminal that currently includes shortcuts, tabs, themes, and redesigned terminal settings.

What is take on Google launching for apps developers?