Google Launches Android 12 Mobile OS With Great Feature!


Google Launches Android 12
Image Credit: Google’s Android

Google continues to double down on its OS which is believed to be the world’s most-used mobile operating system viewed as a steady approach of crafting out its unique edge while ensuring differentiators from Apple’s iOS exist. To ensure its OS stands out – Google launched Android 12 designed to strengthen the operating system in addition to new features which come along with the new OS.

Apple is understood to be stepping up its iOS as well in order to ensure the company’s OS which runs exclusively on its devices delivers users’ best experience.

Going forward, the new OS packed with great features is designed to help each user personalize their smartphone owing to the fact that phones are rather identical with every other smartphone, hence, personalization becomes important. Based on this, Google is offering the ‘Material You‘ feature to the OS, for instance, changing your wallpaper will see the entire Android 12 experience change to match its colour. And this is actualized because the OS in addition comes with colour extraction algorithms that ensure everything appears integrated and slick.

It’s worth noting that everything is personalizable with Google’s latest OS, ranging from notifications, lock screen, settings, widgets which include apps, while the Material You comes to Pixel first, which will be rolled out to devices from other device markets afterwards, yet, from Pixel 3 upwards. This ensures Google launching Android 12 offers users’ best experience.

Meanwhile, Security and Privacy are other themes that cut across the new OS. And this is significant since Android 12 allows you to keep your precise location private from apps that are structured to function strictly with the aid of an approximate location to execute their magic. Should you have apps using your device mic or camera without your knowledge! The new status-bar indicator will show you. While in a broader dimension, if you desire to turn off your device camera and mic across the entire OS, you can do that in the Quick Settings with a pair of new toggles.

Are you limited to basic apps, and thereby forget to use other apps! the latest OS comes with additional features that help look down forgotten apps, and this is done by automatically revoking permissions from apps after several months without use.

Previously, Google had added a ton of new Android features for Google Lens that allow users to do optical character recognition via each screenshot, for instance. Further on that line, Android 12 is reportedly adding additional extensions to that functionality, like “scrolling screenshots”. This ensures you don’t have to reach the end of your screenshot if you have reached the end of your screen. While in a clever way, the new scrolling screenshots will allow users to capture all the content on the page in one image.

In addition to other great features, a feature that separates the connection that exists between Bluetooth and location which has been longstanding is now offered in the new OS. Hence, Google puts it that: “While your wireless headphones need to connect to your phone, they probably don’t need to know where you are”. Android 12 makes that possible at long last. Furthermore, Android 12 equally offers power-saving coupled with better accessibility features.

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