GOOGLE LAUNCHES Tangi, A Short-Form Video Platform!


Google Launches Tangi
Tangi App

The Android giant Google launches Tangi, an app emerging from its in-house incubator – Area 120, which has suddenly developed a strong interest in a short-form video that focuses on the DIY space. However, Google’s Area 120 some days ago launched the short video platform known as Tangi, available firstly on iOS and the web. This will practically allow creative types to share videos on creative areas such as painting, fashion, beauty, craftworks, and others.

Meanwhile, it’s important to know that the subject app (Tangi) is structured to help people learn, unlike TikTok that was recently launched by Byte which is primarily focused on entertainment. Tangi is, therefore a good bet for creative people.

Responding to this development, the founder of Tangi ‘Coco Mao’ said, “We only focus on DIY and creativity content”. “Our platform’s goal is to help people learn to craft, cook and create with quick one-minute videos. We designed Tangi to make it easier for users to find a high-quality how-to video”.

But what could have been the founder’s motivation! Sure from the genesis of the whole story. According to reports Mao became inspired to create the subject platform ‘Tangi’ after visiting her parents in Shanghai. While with her parents in Shanghai she found out that they were watching a lot of how-to videos on painting and photograph on their phone, despite their challenges on the use of smartphones.

Adding that, “My mum has always had a creative side, and I was surprised to learn that she’s now an amateur oil painter thanks to these niche communities with quick how-to videos, she said. “I, too, joined some of these vibrant creative communities that make videos around cooking and fashion. I noticed something magical in these videos: they could quickly get a point across – something that used to take a long time to learn with just text and images”.

The subject development (Google launches Tangi) promises a lot but has some demerits, and this is based on the fact that Tangi’s vertical videos could practically last up to a minute, with a good number on the average of 45 seconds. This simply means the platform wouldn’t be ideal to walk you through complicated crafting or recipe on a step-by-step basis as it could be seen via YouTube or other video options.

While on the other hand, it could prove a lot easier to follow new recipe tricks on Tangi as figured out than other recipe sites for example, which are overrun with adverts and search engine-driven ‘personal stories’.

In the same vein, Tangi comes with a unique feature that differentiates it from other short-video platforms – a feature which is known as “Try it”. Based on how it is designed, this feature deployed is to encourage creators to upload photos of their re-creation of the video in a bid to interact with other community members.

Lastly, if you wish to download Tangi, you are totally free, because it’s free and available everywhere except the European Union, which is readily available on the web and iOS.

  • What is your take as Google launches Tangi?