GOOGLE MAPS, Now Speaks Out Loud, Place Names!


Google Maps

The Android and internet giant ‘Google’ in its Google Maps is currently adding a new feature that would practically make it easier for individuals traveling to foreign countries where they do not speak nor understand the local language of that geographical region. However, the interface of this new feature comes with built-in translation enabled with text-to-speech support and is designed to allow users to tap on a new speaker button next to the name of the place or its address.

When the user has inputted (a place name or address) and taped the speaker button, it will enable Google Maps to speak the name out loud. This will be very useful when people traveling has need to communicate or inquire about directions. The app’s video below can tell you how it works.

The beauty of this new feature is the reduction of unnecessary mental pressure, especially when it comes to struggling with the pronunciation or those awkward conversations that could emerge from local residents, coupled with handing over your phone to the taxi driver for better understanding, instead you can tab a button.

It happens when people are on a venture or something to do outside their home country, even in a country with dual or multiple languages. At some point, the need for direction to a different location or instructing a taxi driver about your destination becomes a necessity. This could be difficult when you don’t speak the language, even with the aid of language dictionaries or translation apps, this is because these apps or dictionaries often focus on everyday vocabulary which does not reflect the proper names of these places.

The new feature works by detecting the current language deployed in your phone, and when in use will determine when to display the translate option. While in another dimension, if an individual needs to continue with further conversation, Google Maps will also link the person to Google Translate app.

It’s understood, Google is waking up to the power of integrating Google Translate into other experiences, excluding the app, such as Google Assistant, Google Home, and not excluding Google Lens and more. The roll-out of the new translate on Google Maps is starting this month on Android and iOS, with initial support for 50 languages.

This will practically make Google products more users friendly, competitive and powerful. But how would Google Maps translate Swahili and other funny languages?

  • What is your take on this development?