GOOGLE PIXEL 4, To Be Launched With Face Unlock & Motion …


Google pixel 4

A smartphone ‘Google Pixel 4’ from the U.S. internet and the tech giant is expected to be launched later this year while awaiting its official launch, Google has decided to reveal some of its distinctive features. The video of the new phone, as regards its sophisticated hi-tech features was posted by Google, features new to this generation.

One of the new features of Google Pixel 4, which has to do with ‘Motion Sense’, a feature that senses or detects the waving of your hand, translates the mechanical movement of your hand to a command control via its software control, fascinatingly could be deployed for its snoozing alarm, skipping songs, and muting incoming call alerts, according to Google, while other features will be included.

Previously in 2016, a radar-based fine motion detection technology ‘Soli’ was first revealed at Google’s I/O annual developer conference, a unique feature – ‘Soli’, is to detects very fine movements, which includes fingers pinched together to mimic a watch-winding motion, however, got approved by FCC in January is also expected on Google devices this year.

Looking at how Google is going about Pixel 4, it appears there is still more to learn about this smartphone. Back in June, Google came up with its tweeted photos, however, things are not totally confirmed except when it’s officially released, probably in October.

In another dimension, it is understood Google Pixel 4 is the first smartphone to include ‘Soli’ which is said to be available in ‘select Pixel countries’ and could be based on similar approval requirements within the launch period. However, Google, as we know had previously deployed the ‘Face Unlock’ feature in Android but is giving it a different approach to Pixel 4 than it has done in the past.

The ‘Soli’ feature would effect a whole lot, enabling the ‘face unlock’ sensors of the smartphone to detect the users hand as soon as it gets close to picking the device, Google claims in the process the phone will practically be unlocked once you’re ready to use it.

For transactions and access to the Android App, the face unlocks feature would potentially support authorization of payments and access to Android Apps with all facial recognition done on the device. However, data sourced from facial recognition will be securely stored in the ‘Titan M security chip, its own dedicated device.

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