GOOGLE PLAY PASS, Launches Premium Games & Apps!


Google Play Pass

Google Play Pass is officially live, an introduction of Google’s subscription-based access to premium mobile games, and also premium mobile apps. This field of service has been ruled by Apple with its Apple Arcade, however, it’s understood both offer similar service based on how these services are shaped. Meaning the two practically provide a library of premium content, though there are little differences for a monthly subscription.

The newly launched Google Play Pass subscription promises more than three hundred and fifty (350) apps and games that are practically accessible, with no extra or hidden fees to be paid up-front, advertisements or app purchases. Google’s subscription is $1.99 per month for the first year but will be increased to $4.99 per month after the first year, the promotion will only be available until 10th October 2019.

Meanwhile, the launched Play Pass titles aren’t just games, it also include ad-free versions of popular mobile apps, such as Facetune, Pic Stitch and AccuWeather. While on the other hand, Play Pass catalog include many cross-platform titles unlike Apple Arcade that has restrictions – meaning Apple games can’t be accessed on Android.

Google in its statement said, more titles will be added on a monthly basis. Meanwhile, the current launch includes Stardew Valley, Monument Valley, Risk, Terraria, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Reigns; Titan Quest, Game of Thrones and Wayward Souls. While less popular ones include Lichtspeer, Mini Metro, LIMBO and Old Man’s Journey. Some others include Cytus and This War of Mine, which will be added soon. Also not left out are those for little kids.

Its evident Apple now has a potential competitor in this field, but there are concerns here, Google Play Pass catalog is more than three times the size of Apple’s Arcade at the time it was launch, according to an analyst. However, there are distinctions, Apple’s Arcade library is filled with high-quality games, while Play Pass is loaded with tools, like photo editors and weather apps.

One comparable feature emerging from Google Play Pass subscription with that of Apple’s Arcade is that the games can be shared with other members of the family, while the family manager can confidently share its Play Pass subscription with up to five other family members, with all members having independent access to the titles. 

At the moment, the beneficiaries of the latest launch from Google are its developers, who will gain more the more people download the Play Pass. Google says it is funding the first launch offer in a bid to gain subscriber’s interest and not impact directly on the developer’s revenue. But, are there deals with the developers! Currently, undisclosed.

Lastly, it’s been figured out, Google was working on service similar to Apple Arcade, but detail or prior notice of this launch was not publicized.

  • What’s your take on Google Play Pass – Apple’s Arcade rivalry?