GOOGLE SHOPPING, Now Accessible With ‘Style Ideas’!


Google Shopping

The redesigned Google Shopping is currently available and accessible in the United States of America, this is after the same Google service that was launched late last year in India as a homepage for unified search took effect. The redesigned shopping platform is this time loaded with several new features, such as options to shop local stores, find style inspiration through Google Lens and track prices.

Based on how Google Lens is designed, it is also a known fact that Google Lens smart image recognition technology can help identify objects, translate text and find similar items, however, other ‘style ideasis been pulled up from around the web with the aid of Google Lens, that is when you are using a picture of an outfit that you like or something you found on a social media for instance.

Assuming you found a new cloth on social media, you could take a screenshot, then with the aid of Lens in Google Photos is used to see how other people have been photographed with that same cloth. But that isn’t restricted to photos of new clothes which was uploaded by someone else, but you can equally take a picture of your own closet or the one that is still hanging at the store rack, and get suggestions of people wearing the same cloth.

With regards to Google analysis, it explained that the ‘style ideas’ are focused on showing you how other people are wearing cloth you want to figure out, and not just returning matches of a similar item. While on the other hand, it’s a huge threat to Pinterest which has invested heavily in its own image recognition technology.

Meanwhile, Pinterest users frequently browse the site in order to be inspired, whether it is what they desire to wear or how it is worn, where to travel to or how they should decorate their homes. While the new ‘Google Shopping’ platform aims at everything that is around the web, not restricted to Amazon.

The new Google Shopping platform provides more to individual experience, such as a price tracker for getting notifications of changes and deliveries, a personalized homepage based on an individual’s habits and purchases, and the attitude of shopping online coupled with local retailers. However, users can shop from more than 1,000 stores via Google Shopping and check out with the aid of information saved to your Google account.

One other fascinating feature of this platform is the offer of ‘Google Guarantee’ on every item you purchase, which includes customer supports and help with things like returns and refunds.

  • What is your take on the new Google Shopping platform?