Google Wear OS, Parked With New Feature Called ‘Tiles’


Google wear os

The new Google Wear OS (operating system) was announced by the U.S. internet and tech giant two days ago, never mind, I’m bringing this news now. The new Wear OS promises highly used features of the OS in a very simplified form that could be accessed by users. Funny enough, the tech giant ‘Google’ calls the new Wear OS feature ‘Tiles’.

Tiles make information such as headlines, an extended calendar readily available for you, local weather forecast, goals, and the rate of your heartbeat, which also includes other tools, such as the Google Wear OS built-in timer which could be accessed easily with just a few swipes to the left as previewed on the featured file.

Meanwhile, the ‘tiles’ come in a default form, meaning this feature can be ordered by customizing each of the tiles. This can be done in this process, first, touch and hold a particular tile, this time move it either left or right, and the necessary changes are effected. However, Google has promised it will add more tiles to the existing list.

The good news of the recently updated Google Wear OS is its exciting feature that opens with a single swipe, ‘Google Fit’ and this could be swiped further to unfold new tiles. Google has always been at the forefront as we know, considering the OS for smart devices.

In the next few months, all Wear OS smartwatches are expected to have access to the latest tiles, though not all tiles will be accessed by some devices, and this could well be the case due to the default features of your smartwatch.

Now, this is how to go about the whole process of the watch, the things you will see when you swipe in any of these directions. Swiping right gives you access to Google Assistant, swiping left enables you to access tiles, and swiping upward brings up your notifications while swiping down unfolds settings. This update isn’t just smart, but in four ways that make lots of sense.

  • What is your take on the new Google Wear OS?