GOOGLE’S $99, Nest Audio Speaker Launches in Colors!


Google's $99

Just after Amazon updated its Echo line, Google’s $99 emerges in a new dimension. This comes as the company moves in a broader direction in rebranding its smart home products, the successor to the mid-range smart speaker which is now identified as Nest Audio. The new device that was first introduced four years ago will retail in a variety of colors.

As earlier mentioned, Amazon in its unpacked event made a couple of updates to its smart home products, this saw the company’s echo line updated in diverse dimension with the inclusion of Facebook portal for its swiveling specs, reshaping and repositioning of echo dot’s light to the bottom with the addition stylishly designed specs for children.

As regards the subject speaker, Google says it prioritized the current device which replaced its Google Home smart speaker with more bass, increased volume coupled with clearer sound while structuring the product. To be specific, the company says the Nest Audio has 50 percent “more bass” and will offer 75 percent louder than Google Home could. The device that comes in much larger package retail for $99. You just have to take them at their word until one gets a hand on this device.

Google’s $99 Nest Audio speaker which comes in multiple colors, includes sand, sky, sage, chalk, and charcoal, however, the current ditches the candle-like specs of the previous generation, while on the other hand, has taken the form of fabric blob design that the Google Home Mini and Google Home Max it has long sported.

Considering the smart speaker market, all could be viewed odd despite a number of iterations, as the ecosystem has only contracted third-party integrations, while apart from core tasks such as listening to music, smart assistants have reportedly failed to pan out. However, Sonos is reportedly suing Google for IP theft, as the search and Android giant appears to be creating a low-cost alternative to Sonos.

Howbeit, note that the Nest Audio is already available in 21 countries.

So, tell us your take on Google’s $99 Nest Audio speaker?