The United States government shutdown has entered its fourth week, seen as the longest government shutdown in America’s history. United States President ‘Donald Trump’ did promise raising walls along the United States – Mexico border during his presidential campaign, and to fulfill his promise, is to raise those walls.

The government shutdown began in the month of December 2018 and at that point, some thought it would only last days or less than two weeks, with that, a good number of federal workers were left without pay and expects’ to be paid when the shutdown is called off. Based on this, President ‘Donald Trump’ has threatened that the walls must be built as promised during his campaign which has led to the extension of the current government shutdown.

‘Trump’ claim over the years, thousands of Americans have been brutally killed by drug traffickers and illegal migrants along Mexico – American border and have to stop. Meanwhile, the opposition party (the democrats) has refused to acknowledge a border wall between the United States and Mexico. The estimated cost of the wall is in the region of five billion seven hundred million dollars ($5.7bn).

It is understood forty percent (40%) of key government positions are left vacant. Earlier President ‘Trump’ threatened he will declare a state of emergency, but have recently declined to that. Over thirty thousand (30,000) lawsuit has been brought by the workers union, while eighty thousand (80,000) working is said to be without pay. Currently, the United States government shutdown is no longer seen as a political issue anymore but a fight between the Democrats and Republicans.

Miami’s airport was forced to close one terminal due to shortages of TSA agents, meanwhile, Americans are been forced to confront the uncomfortable and uncertain situation as millions say is no longer acceptable. This has led to several protests on the streets.

Government Shutdown

In Washington DC area, reports have it that full employees are turning to food bags for their basic due to prolonged government shutdown.

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