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Grammarly, as we know is a popular grammar and spellcheck software, a tool that offers great support for online publication, however, it has just launched an appreciable update to its browser extensions, and this will include the native desktop Apps and web App. Initially, the tool was structured basically to write correctly, which has enhanced online publication. But with this update, it will provide writers with better and organized suggestions that go beyond standard punctuation, spelling and grammar errors.

To this effect, the technology behind the tool will henceforth deploy different colored underlines, while highlighting sentences and phrases that are practically unclear. This means it will help you figure out the right tone for your text and also chose the right words in order to keep your article structured and engaging. We understood going through articles over and over again could be tiresome, especially when it’s very lengthy, but with Grammarly, you already have a guide.

The suggestion from this tool is dependent on what you are trying to achieve in a given article, and if you are working on a professional write-up, Grammarly would provide you with more information, that will enhance your analysis.

Clarity Check

A typical example is a write-up above that requires correction, with the new product, Grammarly will highlight text with issues under new clarity. In the engagement and delivery section which lie on top of the existing correctness tab, however, in the tool editor, the updated tool will automatically deploy four different colors, and in the process underline words and phrases that its algorithm need to be improved.

The tool developers in their announcement yesterday said, “The more Grammarly knows about what you want to accomplish with a piece of writing, the better it can tailor its suggestions to suit your needs”, and also added an illustration during their announcement, saying “For example, when you specify the audience you are writing for, Grammarly will adjust its suggestions to help you focus your writing for that type of reader”.

Speaking of the advanced features, it will certainly not be available on its free version, but strictly for premium users, and this will cost $30 per month for the monthly, while there will be a reasonable discount for an annual subscription. Nevertheless, suggestions within conciseness and clarity will certainly be available for the free version.

  • This tool will certainly enhance your write-up, however, your take?

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