Habitual Hemp, Smoking Now Snaps Youths Into Jail

Hemp smoking as one root course why people are thrown into prisons on regular basis


Habitual hemp

We all know smoking is currently a societal norm, but habitual hemp consumption hasn’t yet been given the same view. But cultivated habit in this trajectory has ensured its damaging concerns aren’t getting better any time soon, and this is because the subject act which cut across adults and youths has continued to raise serious questions among elites and society at large.

As this habitual act remains a societal concern, it’s also been observed that these set of citizens have neither helped issues nor weighed up the option of its damaging outcome, instead have they doubled down in this regard. Given this, the law enforcement authorities including other concerned entities have in no doubt refused to shy away from barring their teeth right at them. On the other hand, there is also a huge concern regarding the response from these law enforcement authorities – focus on the average and uninformed, considered as an approach that has been viewed as disproportionate

Meanwhile, the issue with the subject substance isn’t just about the consumption rate but also cut across its possession, and this is because there is a supply chain in place, a mechanism that ensures the crackdown measures are often and overwhelmingly breached. However, the growing concern over cannabis consumption isn’t just considered an issue but a potential reason why offenders are frequently thrown into prisons. As for the subject drug plant, it’s been observed it’s associated with several code names, such as marijuana, weed, pot, cannabis, hemp, and so on.

Consequently, one isn’t sure if there is any press release regarding the

likely outcome of this drug plant precisely when abused, yet has been difficult to ensure active citizens whose focus is mainly on ‘high up’ finds it challenging to lay hold.

Marijuana affects our mind in a way that enables us to take a different perspective from ‘high up’, to see and evaluate our own lives and the lives of others in a privileged way. Maybe this euphoric and elevating feeling of the ability to step outside the box and to look at life’s patterns from this high perspective is the inspiration behind the slang term “high” itself.” – Sebastian Marincolo

Owing to a growing concern over this psychoactive seductive drug that is in no doubt made from the shredded and dried parts of the ‘Cannabis Sativa plant’ have seen this drug plant consumed in different ways, as such, this has also raised a lot of eyebrow with regards to dimensions taken by addicts which experts classified as – habitual hemp intake. And why habitual? It’s amazing to know hemp isn’t just smoked, but eaten in food, brewed in tea that also includes been taken in concentrated liquid, which does not exclude its vaporized form of intake.

It becomes dangerous when some of these addicts desire to be liberated from their state of depression, which in most victimizing occasions converge in hiding along with suspicious and criminally minded peers, which they don’t consider unhealthy regardless of what the society says.

I think people need to be educated to the fact that marijuana is not a drug. Marijuana is an herb and a flower. God put it here. If He put it here and He wants it to grow, what gives the government the right to say that God is wrong?” – Willie Nelson

In order to ensure our argument is nailed with existing proves, one could argue if there is evidential support regarding this subject. However, leaving you with one or a couple of cases would in no doubt address those concerns.


This young man nicknamed Raska, a resident of Delta state had managed to wrap up his O-level education, and was a lover of reggae music, As a result of the latter left keeps a rough hairstyle. However, it all started with smoking cigarettes and hemp, though on a gradual note with friends. He eventually got into gambling, and since he hadn’t something serious to leave on, the young man began the sale and supply of marijuana.

Yet, things had not turned terrible until he was arrested along with other offenders by a team of law enforcement authorities known as – The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency has violated the authority’s stipulations, and was kept in their custody until his bail requirements were met. Yet, he had not refrained from the same act.


The latter (Ejinike) got himself behind bars because of marijuana. As for the young man, his story started with smoking cigarettes before turning fully to marijuana. This was after he had joined the bandwagon, then as a school dropout, and had engaged himself with carpentry as an apprentice. The young man with a promising future eventually became an addict, and of course, deviated from the right part having joined bad peers. It all became obvious when gambling emerged as the order of the day, and from gambling, petty stealing and eventually turned a bugler.

As a result of his current lifestyle that is often spent in suspicious areas, unfortunately, while in the same routine, a team of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency alongside police while on a raid, nabbed him. Eventually, that was how he ended up in a medium prison facility.

  • What’s your take on habitual hemp smoking?