HEMP DAMAGING, Outcome – A Concern Beyond Leisure!

The health effect of indian hemp plant in human system is much to be compared with its benefit

Hemp damaging


We are all aware every coin has two sides, in the same vein, are we faced with hemp damaging outcomes that these addicts barely care about. Based on the subject, staying away would’ve helped curb those potential health concerns. But the fact is these addicts having embraced this drug plant due to its inspirational tendency enfolded in its highness which gets them off the realm of unnecessary mental pressure.

This goes to show why they’ve chosen to rather go down with a bag of hemp than lose sight of a wrap. Yet, the consumption of cannabis Sativa that has become habitual has not after now shifted from the societal ideological position, whose view remained illegal and unhealthy. Owing to the fact that a good number of already addicted individuals in one way or the other haven’t been in their right frame of mind, neither their health in good shape.

Funny enough, the subject drug plant as the latter depicts is actually a horrible plant exiting without importance. But a very useful plant within the sphere of pharmaceutical, while in this context that isn’t the case, this is because these set of people couldn’t have looked elsewhere since their primary interest revolves within the axis of creating sensations and relaxation aimed at relief from circumstantial and societal inflicted mental pressure, which they strongly believe hemp will in no doubt provide overwhelming answers.  

If one would take a close look at the picture, we would find out that passion and satisfaction aren’t far from the driving force.

Going forward, one could figure out from their analogical perspective that those concerns aren’t in any way aware or bothered over a potential side effect that could result in damage to their memory, cognition, perception which also does not exclude motor coordination. This goes to show why the psychological processes required for their wellbeing couldn’t have functioned below average if there wasn’t potential damage to the victim’s receptors located in the brain. Amazingly, the addict’s interest in this sphere isn’t viewed from the angle of hemp damaging concerns but primary satisfaction, the reason been that appetite is totally taken care of in the process.

Is marijuana addictive? Yes, in the sense that most of the really pleasant things in life are worth endlessly repeating.” – Richard Neville

Although, there are a couple of side effects associated with the subject drug plant, while in the meantime we will only consider looking at a few. Firstly, the psychological effect often observed among those who use cannabis to self-medicate over depression and anxiety. Though, this measure could’ve helped issues as they thought, while contrary to their expectation is totally the opposite, resulting in issues ranging from emotions, mood, perception, and so on. While one of the ugly parts of this side effect is their inability to perform basic daily tasks. Yet have these victims turned to hemp.

The biggest killer on the planet is stress and I still think the best medicine is and always has been cannabis.” – Willie Nelson

In as much as a new method of inhaling hemp has been figured out, such as vaporization, it has not in any way helped to resolve the issue of suppressed or increased appetite. For instance, when the brain is stimulated as a result of hemp, neurons are stimulated in the process which releases chemicals that promote hunger, and in turn, hasting digestion. While on the other hand, when this drug is inhaled, it is released directly into the individual’s bloodstream which makes its way into the brain including other organs. Moreover, the human body system will practically react differently since hemp could be taking in diverse ways.

Moreover, quite a number of factors wouldn’t be clear except one is braced with a case. So here you have it.


The victim here is just a young man whose height isn’t far from average, a craft man to precise. Purely an addict that would rather smoke all day than ensure that he had his three square meal. His smoking practically cut across cigarette and hemp, but for the latter, is consumed in diverse dimensions such as foods, soup, and smoking.

To ascertain his level of addiction, smoking cigarettes is often kept in the process while wrapping the hemp, viewed as a warm-up and shouldn’t run out. The same is the case while smoking cannabis, which often results in switching back to cigarettes in order to ensure the process isn’t interrupted.

The hemp equally proved to be a huge source of his dull and slow pace attitude towards his job, which leaves with this glimpse of smiles as one that pays extensive attention and admiration to his job even when his colleagues have left the site. Should they merge you with him! You will be left to work at his pace. Sadly, he got one of his labourers initiated who also in the process joined the bandwagon after he had dropped out of school.

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