HITACHI VANTARA, Eventually Buys Containership Assets!


Hitachi Vantara

A subsidiary of Hitachi known as Hitachi Vantara, owned by the subject company which focuses primarily on developing hardware and software that enable companies to manage their data had yesterday announced that the company’s subsidiary has successfully acquired containership assets. However, the company is said to be a popular figure in the container ecosystem, which in October 2019 stopped its operations.

Prior to a response from Hitachi’s spokesperson, some may be concerned about the company’s function.

Containership was officially launched in 2015, which emerged as part of Disrupt New York Startup Battlefield, the startup eventually started as a service provider that helped businesses moved their containerized workloads between clouds, however in the same vein as similar startups. Eventually, the startup decided to focus solely on Kubernetes and assisting other enterprises to manage their Kubernetes infrastructure.

Meanwhile, before the company declined from rendering its initial service, it has specialized in managing multi-cloud Kubernetes deployments. However, in the company’s previous blog post which has been removed from its website, it was figured out that the company was unable to monetize its Kubernetes efforts as fast as it should.

Responding to Hitachi Vantara acquisition, the COO for digital infrastructure ‘Bobby Soni’ made it clear that “Containership enables customers to easily deploy and manage Kubernetes clusters and containerized applications in a public cloud, private cloud, and on-premise environments. The software addresses critical cloud-native application issues facing customers working with Kubernetes such as persistent storage support, centralized authentication, access control, audit logging, continuous deployment, workload portability, cost analysis, autoscaling, upgrades, and more”.

A question about whether Containership’s customer contracts or employee would be acquired by Hitachi Vantara was raised, but the company declined from any plans to stick with the Containership brand. Adding that:

Our primary focus to develop new offerings based on the Containership IP. We do hope to engage with prior customers once our new offerings become commercially available”. Credit: TechCrunch

Meanwhile, the Pittsburgh-based Containership had previously raised about $2.6 million since the company was founded, a year before its official launch. However, the subject company has declined from disclosing the cost of acquiring Containership. Should we expect Hitachi to join the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, since Containership was a member! Though, Hitachi Vantara has promised it will continue to work with the Kubernetes community.

  • What is your take as Hitachi Vantara acquires Containership assets?