Homa Games Secures, $50 Million Series A Funding Round!


Homa Games Secures
Image Credit: Homa Games

The early hour of today proved yet a new dawn for another French mobile gaming platform, owing to the fact that Voodoo successfully acquired Beach Bum days before this development. However, to ascertain the funding round, the source confirmed that Homa Games secured $50 million in its Series A round led by Northzone, noting that the subject company equally partners with indie game studios and functions as a publisher.

Going forward, which ensured investors weren’t just the aforementioned but saw Singular, King, the founders of FuboTV, and Daniel Ek’s family office actually took part in today’s funding round. While the latest remained a remarkable one, yet, it comes after the company bagged its seed round seven months ago that was led by Headline and Eurazeo.

Unlike other mobile platforms, Homa Games specializes in casual, hypercasual and board games, identified as one aspect of mobile gaming industry that requires a methodical, technology-driven approach. Having developed its technological stack to optimize the performance of each game.

Meanwhile, it was reported back in February this year that the company managed to raise 250 million downloads, that figure is reportedly doubled having delivered 500 million installs which is viewed as the company’s resilient in this trajectory.

Further on this, Game developers are allowed to build a prototype with Unity and submit it to Homa Games. This will require further testing of every prototype in order to figure out if it’s worth exploring further. And to ensure it’s a profitable venture for developers, the startup has developed an all-in-one SDK designed to help developers optimize their mobile game via analytics and A/B testing. The system lets developers track and improve the important metrics of the industry, notably cost of acquisition, session times and retention, which will, in turn, lead to a better average revenue for each user.

Adverts is core to Homa Games owing to the fact that the company relies heavily on this as its source of revenue, currently, the company practically take care of publishing the game on the App Store and Play Store. But the interesting part is that you don’t need months and years in order to craft out a perfect mobile game with Homa Games as this goes to show why Homa Games secured the said sum.

It’s also worth noting that the company’s success that ensured it ranked top 20 of the most downloaded in the Play Store and App Store were developed in eight days or less, helping the company to released 40 games in addition to 20 games that will be released by the end of 2021. However, Northzone’s Pär-Jörgen Pärson made clear in a statement that:

“Their platform gives any game entrepreneur or independent studio super powers by allowing them to tap into publishing, analytics and marketing tools to compete on an even footing with the giant game studios across the world. Daniel and Oliver don’t just bring a vision but more importantly, a killer execution that is helping them define and build an entirely new category within gaming”.

Therefore, it’s evident, there is a lot of business potential in mobile gaming, and the subject company is understood to be an emerging publisher in this sphere.

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