Huawei Android Alternative

Huawei Android alternative was developed recently based on tensions from the United States, and it is understood Google would not support Huawei smartphones with its Operational system (Android). As other tech giants continue to roll out their 5G network devices on a global scale, Huawei is understood to be behind two-thirds of the 5G enabled devices already commercialized outside China according to the president of Huawei’s carrier business group ‘Ryan Ding’.

Prior to Huawei Android alternative launched to enable its 5G smart devices, the world’s largest telecoms gear has obtained fifty (50) commercial contracts outside China, from countries which include South Korea, Finland, Switzerland, United Kingdom and so on, and its Shenzhen-base has shipped one hundred and fifty thousand (150,000) base stations said the president ‘Ding’.

Recently in China, Nokia and Ericsson were able to secure 5G contracts from state-run carrier China Mobile, while it’s understood, Nokia for instance, a joint venture with Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai Bell, which is more of the Chinese entity.

An issue of concern of the company’s spying capability brought Huawei on a trade blacklist with the United States, while the United States under Trump administration made effort to lure its allies against Huawei’s equipment. Despite that, a good number deal has been achieved, with the state of things coupled with demands, the company though alternatively to develop ‘Huawei Android alternative’. However, the U.S. move has effectively banned companies from the United States from doing business with Shenzhen tech giant.

According to Huawei spokesperson, Huawei offers what it calls an end-to-end network solution or a full system of hardware, but whether a carrier plan to purchase from different suppliers is contingent on their needs and local regulations.

It is evident Huawei’s overall share in the United States telecoms market share has fallen drastically, but many rural carries depend so much on its high performance and cost-saving hardware. This might end sooner than they could imagine as the U.S. continues to mount pressure on rural network operators to quit transacting with Huawei on the basis of its hardware.

All this led to the reason why the company decided to act fast with its Huawei Android alternative, aimed at replacing its former operating system from Google. Huawei has gone as far as appeasing its potential client, such as the United Kingdom and India on the basis of trust.

The growing tensions from the U.S. threaten to cut off Alphabet, a big chip supplier, whose Android operating system is used in Huawei smartphone. Huawei has been fighting neck-to-neck with its rivals Ericsson and Nokia, while Nokia has landed more 5G contracts than Huawei and Ericsson.

According to the CEO and Founder of Huawei ‘Ren Zhengfei’, trade restrictions will potentially compromise the firm’s output in a short term, as the company works towards developing its own Operating system (Huawei Android alternative), chips coupled with other core technologies. But promised, sales will bounce back after a temporal period.

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