HUAWEI BAND 3 PRO, Features Set To Outclass Fitbit!


Huawei Band 3 Pro

Huawei Band 3 Pro is a band loaded with unexpected features, a fitness tracker that sits in between high-tier, yet offering the best for those that would practically spend less while they get the best service from a wearable device. The likes of Fitbit and Garmin are considered to be on the high side in terms of price, while Fitbit is 50% higher in terms of price compared with Band 3 Pro, though could offer similar functions.

This fitness tracker (Huawei Band 3 Pro) is simply a watch-like device that practically monitors your daily activity, in the process present you with a picture of your activities, such as the level of calories that was burnt, time spent on relaxation (sleep) and how it went, coupled with other functions. The fitness device we have today began on a simple note, but have transcended from that state to devices that practically measure various things.

‘Huawei Band 3 Pro’ deliver good user experience compared with other big names and also supports smartphone notifications. It has built-in GPS with a long battery life that would potentially last for more than a week for a single charge.

In terms of fitness, Band 3 Pro guarantees an appreciable level of accuracy, meanwhile, the built-in GPS serves athletes and those that would engage in exercise that requires running, though might not be the best. According to reports from those that have tested it, their experience isn’t bad – track sleep in a surprisingly well manner, compared with other good fitness trackers.

Huawei health App could practically be paired with your phone, but that isn’t the case, the health App practically gives recommendations on the measures that could be taken to improve your sleep, and that makes it amazing. But what is the essence of monitoring your sleep without a recommendation! Recommendations are great ways to improve.

The price of ‘Huawei Band 3 Pro’ starts from $55 and comes with an OLED sharp and colorful screen that would help figure out its display function, though it requires slim hands.

  • Hope you don’t mind giving it a try?

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