HUAWEI MATE X, Loaded With Great Features. Find Out!


Huawei Mate X

Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold are electronics that comes with amazing design and really fascinating, in like manner, it is understood IBM has also been rewarded with a new patent based on its ambitious smartwatch, structured with foldable display technology that will squeeze a tablet-size screen into its wearable device.

Based on an official report, it is also understood, the wrist-sized smartwatch which comes with a single-panel will be able to open into a four-panel smartphone. But that isn’t all about its transformation, it can be doubled, which will, in turn, become an eight-panel tablet with the smartwatch band attached to its rear panel, however, the dimension of the eight folding panels is two-by-three inches (2 x 3 inches) each. This implies, when a user wishes to have full access to make a smartphone, its form-factor could be obtained with twice this figure 2 x 3 inches, which means we are looking at 4 x 6 inches panel practically on your wrist. Then what could Huawei and Samsung Galaxy Fold mean!

On the other hand, products from different developers such as Huawei Mate X, Samsung Galaxy Fold and RoyoleFlexpai could look comparatively pedestrian, if IBM eventually executes a design in this patent. Due to issues with the flexible OLED panels, Samsung and Huawei have delayed their first product that could be transformed into foldable smartphones.

Meanwhile, there are great benefits when one considers the ability to carry a tablet-screen on his or her wrist that could be unfolded on-the-go to access his email, reply text message, and read article in addition to its substantial on-screen keyboard, meaning products like ‘Huawei Mate X’ will go a long way helping.

At the moment, smartwatch from tech giants are not offering features mentioned above, smartwatches like Apple Watch, Galaxy Watch Active, and Huawei Watch GT can only display text messages, important emails, news notification, and more, but eventually push users to their smartphones for more details, alternatively, reply through pre-canned response, or through voice reply.

If IBM eventually goes worldwide, its price could be another thing to look out for – because it will eventually take the place of your tablet, smartphone, and smartwatch based on what is known so far. The price for each product is quit on the high side, if you would ask me, with Huawei Mate X starting at 2,299 pounds and $2,600 or 2,000 pounds when converted, also these devices have been confirmed to ship in 5G in the future.

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