HUAWEI NEW OS, ‘Harmony’ Name Registered In Europe!


Huawei New OS


Huawei new OS (operating system) name has just been registered with Europe according to reports, this came as Huawei continues in its capacity to move from the uncertainty over its future relationship with the U.S., based on its access to the Windows and Android operating systems. It’s equally understood the tech giant has been busy working on its OS replacement in order to plug potential gaps with the new name for its devices published.

The name ‘Harmony’ will potentially serve as Huawei’s new OS, this was registered with the European Union Intellectual Property Office, source from LetsGoDigital, which is understood will be the name for its Software used on Huawei laptops and phones after its been fully tested and certified.

The software ‘Huawei new OS’ (Harmony) seems an all-encompassing software platform, sharing the same name since the software is to be deployed for its computer operating system and mobile devices. However, this could be filed along with other names that have emerged as Huawei’s own-brand operating system, which includes Ark and Hongmeng. But there is doubt whether Huawei could be using different labels in different regions if it eventually loses its access to Windows and Android.

It is evident the development of this software could have been in the pipeline for long, but this doesn’t reveal so much on what the tech giant is plotting. Huawei’s new OS name couldn’t have emerged now, is being that it takes time to develop such a project. But, its urgent need could be as a result of trade friction with the United States. Although Trump administration with its noise promised a better future relationship with Huawei, that isn’t clear, speaking from a consumer angle if it will rely on Android and Windows in the future.

Huawei would obviously face the challenges of employing App developers in order to port their products over to its new OS. And with that in mind, the company would have to push harder to have its own operating system.

Lastly on this is the CEO’s claim, Huawei CEO claimed its own mobile OS will be faster than Android and iOS.

  • Is Huawei new OS ‘Harmony’ developed for Europe or just a label?

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