HULU LAUNCHES NEW AD, Tailored To ‘Binge-Watching’


Hulu Launches New Ad
Credit: Hulu

One of Disney service Hulu launches new ad that is tailored to the binge-watching sessions, a product from the company that promises new advertising experience on its streaming service that will practically allow brands to specifically target viewers with less disruption, am sorry this news is delayed until now.

This service from Hulu is aimed at trying out a new feature that will identify binge-watching behaviors, and in turn, reward viewers that watch multiple episodes of their favorite program over a long period of time, either by presenting them with a special offer from a brand or their third consecutive episode advert-free.

This is based on the fact that ‘binge-watch ads’ is built with machine learning techniques, and utilizes this process to predict when a viewer has begun to binge-watch a show, and so, serve contextually relevant messages from its advertisers as an acknowledgment that a binge is emerging. Eventually, this amount to when a viewer has reached the third episode, however, is at this point they are notified the next episode is ad-free, alternatively, are presented with a personalized offer from the brand partner.

It’s evident the ad experience could prove to be popular on Hulu, based on the company’s claim that about 50% of advert-supported viewing hours on its service are spent on binge-watching. This meant a viewer watching three or more episodes for a particular series at a time.

With regards to Hulu launching new ad, it has been figured out that the company on a regular basis experiment with new advert formats structured in the best way it could cater to a streaming audience with less disruption, while at the moment, Hulu already offers ‘pause ads’, which is enabled when the viewer presses the pause button.

Responding to this development, the senior vice president and head of advertising sales at Hulu ‘Peter Naylor’ made it clear that in May, his company already counts 82 million as overall viewers, and in addition, nearly 70% of its total viewers are on Hulu’s $5.99-per-month ad-supported plan. Judging with the number of subscribers, it is predicted the company will generate $2.7 billion in 2021.  

The company in its latest development (Hulu launching new ad) is also viewed as advert-supported that is pretty against a number of free services and as such one of many options for streaming Television. Meaning, the newly developed advert formats will practically place Hulu above other rivals.

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