HUMANITARIAN AID BLOCKED, By Venezuelan Opposition


Humanitarian aid blocked

Political crisis in Venezuela has gone beyond expected, currently, humanitarian aid from the west has been denied access into the country. The opposition leader ‘Juan Guaido’ earlier on his address to Venezuelans, made it clear that aid will enter Venezuela through Colombia and Brazil border on February 23, 2019. Prior to the date scheduled by the opposition leader aids will arrive, Venezuela president ‘Nicolas Maduro’ made a public announcement of legal aid’s from Russia, China, Turkey and other parts of the world which have been paid for by Venezuelan government he said. Based on this, ‘Nicolas Maduro’ gave an order that no humanitarian aid should be allowed into the country through Colombia and Brazil’s borders. This we understand is to prove who is in authority.

Street protests by Venezuelans have been intensified since last week, leading violence as citizens’ clash with Venezuelan security personnel. According to reports, four (4) people were reported killed with hundreds, injured over blocked humanitarian aid from the west. It was equally reported, Venezuela has cut diplomatic ties with Colombia, but we don’t how true that is.

As tons of humanitarian aid from the west were denied access into Venezuela via her borders with Colombia and Brazil, this has resulted in an urgent meeting of the ‘Lima Group. This consists of the conservatives American countries, the United States and Colombia. Based on reports, an urgent meeting of the United States vice president ‘Mike Pens’ with Venezuelan opposition leader ‘Juan Guaido’ is expected to hold today Monday 25, 2019 in Colombia.

Last week, ‘Richard Branson’ a British billionaire had a musical concert hosted at Cucuta Colombia for Venezuelans, but many Venezuelans were denied access to that event. This has raised huge concern, as the military intervention is considered an option, with this some are worried why the Venezuelan government has denied millions of humanitarian aid, musical concert, whereas Venezuela is considered the poorest country in that region at the moment.

  • Will military intervention and the pressure of humanitarian aid resolve this crisis?

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