HURRICANE MICHAEL. Devastates The U.S After Florence!


Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael recently wreaked havoc in Mexico and the United States of America. This was weeks after Hurricane Florence made its landfall in northern Carolina. Based on this, the residents of Florida were warned prior to its deadly impact. Meanwhile, the storm proceeded from Mexico beach where it made its initial landfall.

The storm (Hurricane Michael) did wreak havoc at the coastal region of Mexico, and after which, the tropical storm moved across the eastern Gulf of Mexico based on agency reports, moved inland over the Florida Panhandle, before proceeding northeastward across the southeastern United State.

The National Hurricane Center enacted hurricane, tropical storm, and storm surge warnings, opening emergency shelters at schools. Based on these warnings, Michael proceeded northwards at 12 miles per hour (mph), equally forecast to be the most destructive storm to hit the Panhandle in decades. Expected to cause a life-threatening surge of ocean water into the coastal areas, and as a result, flooding along the Gulf.

President Donald Trump reacted to Hurricane Michael, by the declaration of emergency on his approval. “As Michael near landfall, we are working with state and local officials in Florida to take all necessary precautions” and add “It looks like another big one

According to Patricia Mulligan, a survival of Hurricane Andrew in 1992, said she only moved to a popular seaside destination, about 20 miles east of Panama City Beach less than three months, before encountering the wrath of another storm. As the category (IV) storms crossed nearby, the concrete building shook and vibrated against sustained winds which moved at 155 miles per hour, as water level from the sea dealt with the palm trees, homes were swallowed in storms surge.

Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael strengthened overnight to a dangerous category (IV), focusing on Florida and the strongest to hit Florida Panhandle. Michael was observed as a catastrophic storm, understanding its havoc on Mexico beach, destroying properties.

The tropical storm (Hurricane Michael) moved from Mexico to Florida and Georgia with devastating impact, however, properties where destroyed from the storm surge, with trees on fallen on the roads and on building roofs. Residents of affected areas in Georgia were left without electricity with terrible damage to homes. Power lines fell with trees, roads block with an outage of traffic signal and businesses crippled.

As Hurricane Michael moved from the Florida Panhandle and Georgia towards the Carolinas and Virginia, based on the experience from the past hurricanes, there were indications of less economic havoc from hurricane Michael, which was minimal when compared. This resulted in a temporal loss from the business shutdown.

Michael eventually left Florida Panhandle, Georgia and the Gulf of Mexico in ruin after its landfall in those regions. From here at, I urge you to assist those affected in the best way you can.

  • What would residents that where affected could have done prior to Michael’s landfall?

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