HYPERLOOP 1. Advanced Transportation Machine!


Hyperloop 1

A proposed mode of transportation known as hyperloop, designed to transport passengers and freights. This newly developed mode of transportation consists of ‘hyperloop 1 and hyperloop2’ which will be discussed in details. Meanwhile, on this post we will be focusing on the hyperloop project from the United States of America, designed by a joint team of SpaceX and Tesla engineers. It’s equally understood ‘Elon Musk’ was the first to contemplate of this future idea of mega-fast transport technology.

The reality of hyperloop 1 transport technology is understood to be a new era of transportation, with several companies from different continents competing to make this project a reality and as such first to emerge a successful developer. However, based on structural design of this transportation system, it is best described as open-source vactrain.

Analyzing the components of this system (hyperloop), its design is structured with a track, though not as a rail system, but in a vacuum tube system meant to be suspended. Hyperloop 1 is practically designed for a long-distance journey in an ultra-high-speed machine known as a capsule. The hyperloop 1 capsule is not designed to run on wheels as trains, rather levitate magnetically which results in low resistance. However, the pod is designed to be powered by an electric charge, which will be piloted by a computer. This makes the pod travel over a long distance without losing momentum, with the computer system generating bursts of power needed to maintain an extreme high speed. This is meant to connect cities in a loop system.

Reflecting on the speed of this machine (hyperloop), analyzing from what has been achieved coupled with expected result of the pod. According to ‘Elon Musk’, three hundred (300) miles per hour speed was achieved, but it is expected of the pod to reach speed of seven hundred miles per hour (700mph). Reason been that, it’s meant to ply through a vacuum tube streamlined with low resistance, also meant to be piloted with the aid of a computer at a speed of jet plane or faster, while curbing human error and other external factors that could result to error.

Hyperloop project is certainly an expensive project, however, its route is estimated with a total cost of ten billion dollars ($10 billion), meaning forty million dollars per mile, with a total of two hundred and fifty miles (250 miles). This excludes the pod technology (hyperloop technology) and other measures needed to be on ground.

Apart from what we already know about hyperloop 1. Most people are concerned about its safety, it is understood special attention was paid on the material used to develop the capsule. As it’s expected to be the safest means of transportation, been compared with other modes of transportation.

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