Jeremy Corbyn Challenge

Jeremy Corbyn challenge(s) the next Tory leader prior to the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, adding that Labour will campaign for remain. It is equally understood, Labour has called for a general election as it continues its campaign process. But there are questions of Labour winning, though Mr. Corbyn didn’t say what he will do if he eventually wins the general election, and being put in charge of Brexit process.

Jeremy Corbyn, in response, said the Party will assume the position to stop “no deal or a damaging Tory Brexit”.

Based on Jeremy Corbyn challenge(s), while making reference, a letter was drafted to his party members, and he said: “Whoever emerges the new Prime minister should have the confidence to table their deal, or no deal, back to the people in a public vote”. Adding that, “In these circumstances, I want to make it clear that Labour would campaign for Remain against either no deal or a Tory deal that does not protect jobs and the economy”.  While it’s equally understood, some senior members of Mr. Corbyn’s team would want him to take a pro-Remain stance in any circumstances.

The announcement came this morning with a shadow cabinet meeting, coupled with a trade union leader meeting that was held on Monday. While still on ‘Jeremy Corbyn challenge’, a member of his party ‘Hilary Benn’ – who also chaired the selection committee, said it was a “big step forward” and also called it “significant”.

In addition to that, he said, “We can now see there is nothing that can be better negotiated that is better for jobs, that is better than the deal we currently have”.

In another dimension, there was a union call in which, the top figures of Labour’s five biggest affiliated unions actually called for the move the party has made, but more importantly to hold a “confirmatory vote” on any new deal it negotiated if Labour eventually wins a general election.

According to ‘Lain Watson’, a BBC political correspondent, who said there was disagreement about the second part of the union’s stands, with regards to the cabinet meeting, with deputy leader ‘Tom Watson’ wanting a “straight Remain stance”, which implies a decision on that was “kicked down the road”. Speaking of this, Mr. Watson, recognized as one of the leading figures of the party have called for an unambiguously pro-Remain stance despite criticism that confusion over the party’s (Labour) message contributed to its poor performance in the last European Parliament election.

Despite Jeremy Corbyn challenge, it’s understood MPs from Leave areas of the United Kingdom did warn it could potentially impact negatively on the party’s next election. However, speaking of the content of Jeremy Corbyn’s letter, he said his party (Labour) continued to believe the “compromise plan” laid out for Brexit during cross-party talks with the government earlier this year, adding that is still a “sensible alternative that could bring the country together”.

According to reports, he told BBC Politics Live, “If we win that general election, we will come into power, and if we can renegotiate that deal, ‘a Labour deal’, we will because that is what people asked for”.

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