JEREMY CORBYN LEAD, A No-Deal Brexit Ahead Of PM’s!


Jeremy Corbyn Lead

LIVE: Jeremy Corbyn leads a no-deal Brexit summit in a bid to stop already anticipated outcome, come 31st October. This came as a result of what Mr. Johnson said – the UK will certainly leave the European Union, come what May on the 31st October, deal or no-deal.

The opposition party leader (Mr. Corbyn) is currently leading an opposition summit and in the process head a cross-party talk, should Mr. Johnson proceed with a no-deal, there may be a crisis.

In attempt to move away from ‘Theresa May’s’ withdrawal agreement, the new prime minister ‘Boris Johnson’ is making a quick move by sending his chief adviser to Brussels in order to seek alternative measure, according to reports.

Elsewhere, emerging reports from the Brexit Party leader ‘Nigel Farage’ indicate that his party would stand down candidates in a general election, should the outcome with EU lead to a no-deal! Though Mr. Farage did inflict huge damage on the Tories European Elections this year. While Starmer has warned Corbyn his plan needs ‘bite’. 

In another report emerging from Shadow Brexit secretary ‘Sir KeirStarmer’ while addressing BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, said: “No, but I think it’s important today that we pull people together and agree if we can a plan”. This came while he was questioned based on the vote of no confidence plan, with Labour leader becoming a caretaker-prime minister, however, went dead.

In the process, he added: “I know Jeremy Corbyn is keen to do anything that does prevent a no-deal Brexit, but we need something with bite, we need something effective and we need to do it straight away when we come back”.

Caroline Lucas responds to Jeremy Corbyn leading a no-deal Brexit in her tweet:

Boris Johnson’s intentions are clear: suspending Parliament, a crashout Brexit and blaming MPs for the chaos.

 We will not be bullied. We will not surrender parliamentary sovereignty to the right-wing cabal in Number 10.

 MPs must unite to stop this abuse of executive power”.

Meanwhile, the secretary of state for digital, media, culture and sport ‘Nicky Morgan’ stated that she does not expect the suspension of Parliament by Boris Johnson in a bid to pursue a no-deal – also told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme:

I don’t think it will be necessary because I think, as the Prime Minister rightly has said, actually the role for parliamentarians now is to support the vote from 2016.

“Downing Street has made it very clear that claims of any sort of prorogation in September are utterly false and we are working very hard as a government to prepare for no-deal.

The Prime Minister has said he is not attracted to these sorts of archaic conventions”.

Mr. Johnson, while speaking at G7 Summit in Biarritz, France said he is: “marginally optimistic” based on the approved agreement already struck with the European Union. And equally added: “I think that our German friends and our French friends have certainly listened very carefully to what we have had to say. It all depends on how seriously they wish to get a deal”.

  • What is your take as Jeremy Corbyn leads a no-deal opposition summit?

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