JEREMY HUNT LIVE. As He Slam BBC Of Its Head-To-Head!


Jeremy Hunt Live

Jeremy Hunt live on BBC television show came on a different note, as the Foreign Secretary could not restrain from slamming BBC of its head-to-head stage television debate with his Tory leadership rival ‘Boris Johnson’ after ninety percent (90%) of the party members would have cast their votes, based on his estimate.

Mr. Jeremy after he has been invited to take part in a debate on the 16th July emphatically called it a joke. “Absolute joke to give the appearance of debate whilst knowing it can have ZERO influence on the campaign. Also very disrespectful to members and the public,” he uploaded on a tweet.  

He also dropped this on his twitter handler, “1/2 Just been invited by BBC’s @franunsworth to live TV debate against Boris on 16 July – AFTER around 90% of members have voted. An absolute joke to give the appearance of debate whilst knowing it can have ZERO influence on the campaign. Also v disrespectful to members & the public”.

Jeremy Hunt live analysis also came with accusations, as he accused the corporation of what he called “caving in” to pressure Mr. Johnson’s spin doctor ‘Sir Lynton Crosby’. And also went ahead to say, “Other broadcasters had the courage to empty-chair no-shows. What happened to scrutiny without fear or favor at the BBC?” he asked. Meanwhile, when he appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, June 24, he said, “It is very disrespectful to say you are not going to appear on any head-to-head debates within the two weeks they have actually voted”.

Still, on Jeremy Hunt live scrutiny, he has repeatedly criticized his rival ‘Boris Johnson’ for avoiding a live one-on-one debate with him, which also includes Mr. Johnson’s refusal to take part in a proposed Sky News showdown. However, he also added, “If you are saying the only debates I will be involved will be after people have voted, it is not showing respect. People need to know what we are going to do”.

Funny enough, Mr. Johnson had only agreed to take part in one television debate with Jeremy Hunt, scheduled on the 9th July, live on ITV. This is understood, a huge concern for Mr. Hunt camp, it will be too late considering the time.

Party members are expected to receive their postal ballots between July 6-8 and its deadline falling on Sunday 21th July. Prior to this, the voting process for the Conservative Party members is meant to open up on the 6th of July. One could see Mr. Hunt’s concern including his party loyalists over the proposed BBC debate, a week before the final result is made public, adding it will have little impact or effect any meaningful change.

BBC responds to Jeremy Hunt live show based on its concern, made it clear it is earnestly willing to host a special Question Time debate with both candidates, which it’s working on a date to agree on. According to reports, it’s understood both candidates featured in the first BBC debate and has been interviewed by BBC political editors, a spokesman said.

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