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Kitty hawk

Recently Kitty Hawk, a flying car company supported by Larry Page founder of Google along with the co-founder of the company ‘Sabastian Thrun’ has struck a deal with Boeing, an aerospace giant. Though the terms of this partnership aren’t clear at the moment but will focus on two (2) major areas.

The two (2) companies ‘Boeing’ and ‘Kitty Hawk’ plan to collaborate on the area of urban air mobility, precisely in the aspect of safety and how autonomous and piloted vehicle will co-exist according to an analyst.

According to the vice president and general manager of Boeing NeXt ‘Steve Nordlund’, “Working with a company like Kitty Hawk brings us closer to our goal of safety advancing the future of mobility” he said. While reflecting on an organization within a company that focuses on the next-generation transportation system, as we know the portfolio of vehicles includes Cora, a two (2) person designed air taxi, and flyer, a mini aircraft or vehicle designed for a personalized flight.

The founder of ‘X’, Google moonshot factory, who is also a co-founder of Kitty Hawk has its company based in a mountain view of California. Meanwhile, most of its vehicle testing took place in New Zealand.

Cora, a prototype underwent a vertical take-off and landing last year, while the aircraft or vehicle can potentially take off like a helicopter and fly like a plane. However, it is understood the partnership of Boeing and Kitty Hawk is focused primarily on fully electric, and a self-piloting flying taxi ‘Cora’ which is based on reports. 

This development will potentially introduce competition among other companies developing such aircraft, coupled with the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) in automobile transport machines. Lastly, Kitty Hawk and Boeing’s partnership is a great recommendation that will potentially evolve a new era.

  • Please what is your take on Kitty Hawk and Boeing plans?