LABOUR PARTY VICTORY, As Brexit Party Faces Loss!


Labour Party victory

Labour Party victory yesterday sent a clear message to other parties and most importantly, the Tories which consist of the Conservative and Unionist Party. This took place in Peterborough by-election were the Conservative and Labour Parties are said to be unpopular while winning such election indicates a better result in a general election.

Speaking of the overall result, Labour emerged with a small proportion, while a new party ‘Brexit Party’ and the Conservative could only wrestle for a second place. As we know, Brexit Party members consist of former Labour and the Conservative Party members.

It is understood, ‘Theresa May’ will be stepping down as Prime minister with her wretched bill that could pass despite her attempts. As Theresa May is forced to resign, though still remain her party leader, Labour Party victory on by-election has raised an issue of concern regarding general elections.

The opposition leader ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ and his Party would not have started its by-election campaign in a worse state and a constituency with a good number of voters who voted to leave the European Union in 2016. While Labour parliaments are dominated by MPs who are trying their best to ensure Brexit is frustrated, now the question is, what could have changed their minds.

Considering the two strong parties in the United Kingdom, the message is clear with Labour Party victory, while on the other hand, the Conservative would not need a general election, however, for the Conservative to survive, Brexit should be totally out of the way with issues neutralized. This means the Conservatives are left with an option of electing a truly committed leader that will deliver Brexit on 31st October 2019, and on the basis of a deal and no deal.

In another dimension, the candidate of the Brexit Party ‘Mike Greene’ was seen as one that would sweep through the by-election last night, a new face in the community. But instead, Labour emerged won with a total vote of 683.

The millionaire defeated the Conservative Party candidate with a clear margin, and this indicates how Brexit Party has gained ground since its inception. According to analysts, though Brexit Party may win in the European election, it would have to fight tooth and nail for every seat. However, Nigel Farage’s new party had the lowest result from the poll. Another issue of concern is, would those that voted to leave the European Union, change their mind suddenly!

  • Was Labour Party victory based on their manifesto or the need for political change?

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