LATEST WITHINGS, Now Detects Sleep Apnea!


Latest Withings

Yesterday’s reports from the wearable space claim latest Withings practically detect sleep apnea according to the company’s announcement. A prove which practically meant the next battlefield for the wearable smartwatch. According to the company’s stipulation in its press presentation with regards to the newly announced ScanWatch, stated that individuals with serious sleeping conditions, 10 of whom were tested, eight of them weren’t aware of having this sleeping condition.

In the process, it was figured out the company deployed an on-board SpO2 sensor technology, which when worn transmit ray of light into the blood vessels, which the system’s light uses measure through the night while the wearers are at sleep, with the primary function of detecting when the wearers are not getting sufficient oxygen. This, in turn, can point to sleep apnea as a potential cause. If figured out and ignored, it can lead to a whole lot of problems such as cardiac disease, stroke, and heart failure.   

It is also important to note here that the latest Withings watch isn’t a medical device, indeed, but the technological development of the feature already deployed would go a long way in helping millions of people that are faced with this condition, detected and yet to be known.

This has become an issue a number of manufacturers are hoping to address via their wearables devices. A potential wearable company such as Fitbit had previously conducted a public study in this respect but is yet to come up with a breakthrough, and this is based on the fact that it has publicly outlined its intent to establish such functionality in its smartwatch devices.

The latest Withings watch is meant to arrive in the second quarter of this year, while the device price is expected to be at $249.

They are other great features associated with the ScanWatch, such as the detection of irregular heart rhythm which is detected via the device Electrocardiogram (ECG) scanner. This is also like other watches from the company, a hybrid with an analog face, that also include a small display for health feedback and notifications.

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