LILIUM ELECTRIC JET, Is World First Electric Passenger..!


Lilium Electric jet
Lilium On Its First Vertical Flight Test

Lilium electric jet is the world’s first all-electric vertical takeoff and landing passenger jet developed by a German start-top, recently unveiled in Munich, Germany after it completed its first flight.

The team of this flying jet company (Lilium) promised the world, it will develop a functional and operative jet taxi, which will function as an unmanned all-electric passenger jet. Designed to convey five (5) passengers in a single flight with or without a pilot, however, without a run-way, but operate on the principle of vertical takeoff and landing.  

Analyzing the design, Lilium electric jet is built with thirty-six (36) engines that allow it to take off vertically, yet this all-electric jet could also travel a distance of eighty (80) miles at a maximum speed of eighty meters per hour (80mph).    

The vision of the company is to have fleets of this five-seater aircraft that could operate with a pilot or in a drone mode, operating in cities worldwide by 2025. Lilium electric jet is emission-free with less noise and five (5) times the speed of a car. According to the company’s executives, while analyzing the speed of the flying taxi, they claimed Lilium electric jet would let users travel from London to Manchester in less than an hour.

A report from the Chief commercial officer ‘Remo Gerber’, he said, “We have been working on this test for the last twenty months, just on the take-off and landing. What will come next is a test flight program that will put it through its paces to get certified”, the Lilium officer said.

Lilium Company is currently developing an on-demand application (App) which is similar to that of city taxi operators such as Uber. This will enable passengers’ book their flight taxi from a local landing strip or purpose-built landing pad.

Currently, the five-seater aircraft has yet to transfer from vertical takeoff to horizontal flight, though it has two-seater passenger aircraft that have been tested. Meanwhile, the head of test flights ‘Leandro Bigarella’ made his clarification on the flight test, saying, “Our flight test program will now continue with increasingly complex maneuvers as we look towards our next big goal of achieving transition flight, which is when the aircraft moves seamlessly from vertical to horizontal flight”. However, it’s understood the design of the Lilium jet is aim at curbing road traffic and air pollution experienced in cities.

  • What more do we know about Lilium jet, are there safety challenges?